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RAD Data Communications

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RAD?s product portfolio features a broad range of technologies, serving the access requirements of public and private network providers throughout the communications industry.

These products maximize use of the access infrastructure to reduce operating expenses, enable fast payback of equipment outlays and accelerate the rollout of broadband as well as legacy services. They also help enterprise users reduce their communications expenses and build affordable private networks that address specific applications and bandwidth requirements.
RAD ACE-2002, ACE-2002E  Multiservice Access Concentrators and ATM NTUs              
RAD ACE-202  Dedicated Multiservice Access Concentrator 
RAD ACE-50  ATM-Aware Network Termination Unit   
RAD ACE-52  Multiservice Network Termination Unit   
RAD ACE-101 Multiservice Access Concentrator
RAD AirMux-104, AirMux-106  TDM and Ethernet Wireless Multiplexer   
RAD AirMux-200 Broadband Wireless Multiplexer
RAD AMC-1  Miniature Media Converter   
RAD AMC-101, AMC-101L  Universal Media Converters/Repeaters   
RAD AMC-102  High Speed Media Converter and Repeater   
RAD APD-2HS  Miniature FRAD/X.25 PAD   
RAD APD-8  8-Channel FRAD/X.25 PAD   
RAD APS-8, APS-16, APS-24  8-, 16-, 24-Channel Multiprotocol FRADs/PADs and Switches   
RAD ARC-101  ATM Rate and Media Converter
RAD ASM-10/8  Sync/Async Short Range Modem   
RAD ASM-11  Async Short Range Modem
RAD ASM-20  Sync/Async Short Range Modem   
RAD ASM-24  Sync Short Range Modem   
RAD ASM-31  2-Wire Multirate Short Range Modem   
RAD ASM-32  Dual Port 2-Wire Short Range Modem   
RAD ASM-40  High Speed Short Range Modem   
RAD ASM-45  High Speed Short Range Modem   
RAD ASM-60  4-Wire Symmetrical VDSL Modem   
RAD ASM-61  2-Wire Symmetrical VDSL Modem   
RAD ASM-MN-214  Hub for Short Range Modems 
RAD ASMi-24  Sync Short Range Modem with Remote Control   
RAD ASMi-31  Sync/Async 2-Wire Manageable IDSL Modem   
RAD ASMi-450  High Speed 2-Wire HDSL Extended Range Modem 
RAD ASMi-50  2/4-Wire MSDSL Modem  
RAD ASMi-51  2-Wire 2.3 Mbps MSDSL Modem   
RAD ASMi-52  2/4-Wire SHDSL Modem
RAD BE-1  Coax to Twisted Pair Converter (Balun) for E1 
RAD CMN-16  Compact Modem Nest 
RAD ConfiguRAD  Web-Based Element Manager   
RAD CVS  Compressed Voice System   
RAD DV-MUX3  Adaptive Multiplexer for Voice and Data   
RAD DXC-2  E1/T1 Converter and Cross Connect   
RAD DXC-30E  Enhanced xDSL Multiservice Access Node 
RAD DXC-8R, DXC-10A, DXC-30  Multiservice Access Nodes 
RAD DXC-STM-1  Multiservice Access Node and Add-Drop Multiplexer 
RAD F-TEL  Fiber Optic Phone Adapter
RAD FCD-1L  T1 or Fractional T1 CSU/DSU   
RAD FCD-2  E1 or Fractional E1 Access Unit   
RAD FCD-20  Rate and Interface Converter for E1 Multiplexers   
RAD FCD-24  Integrating E1 Multiplexer   
RAD FCD-2L  E1 or Fractional E1 Access Unit   
RAD FCD-E1, fcd-t1 E1/T1 or Fractional E1/T1 Access Units
RAD FCD-E1I  E1 or Fractional E1 Access Unit with S Interface   
RAD FCD-E1L, FCD-T1L  Managed E1 or Fractional E1 Access Unit 
RAD FCD-E1M, fcd-t1m  Modular E1/T1 Access Units Supporting Megaplex-2100 Modules
RAD FCD-IP  E1/T1 or Fractional E1/T1 Access Unit with Integrated Router   
RAD FCD-IPD  Dual E1 Router   
RAD FCD-IPM  E1/T1 or Fractional E1/T1 Modular Access Device with Integrated Router   
RAD FCD-NTU  Intelligent Network Termination Unit (NTU)   
RAD FDSL-101  Fiber Optic xDSL Extender   
RAD FLM-1, FLM-2  12-Channel Local Multiplexers   
RAD FLM-3  48-Channel Local Fiber Optic Multiplexer   
RAD FMC-101  Fiber Optic Mode Converter   
RAD FOM-20  Sync/Async Fiber Optic Modem   
RAD FOM-40  High Speed Fiber Optic Modem
RAD FOM-485  Miniature RS-485 Fiber Optic Modem   
RAD FOM-4SF  Full Duplex over Single Fiber Modem
RAD FOM-5A, FOM-6A  Asynchronous Fiber Optic Modems   
RAD FOM-5S, FOM-6S  Synchronous Fiber Optic Modems   
RAD FOM-6AV  High Speed Fiber Optic Modem   
RAD FOM-6MP  Async Fiber Optic Multipoint Modem   
RAD FOM-8  Sync/Async Fiber Optic Modem   
RAD FOM-8H  High Speed Fiber Optic Modem   
RAD FOM-9  Sync/Async High Speed Fiber Optic Modem   
RAD FOM-E1/T1  E1/T1 Fiber Optic Modem   
RAD FOM-E3, FOM-T3  E3, T3 Fiber Optic Modems   
RAD FOM-E3/ETH, FOM-T3/ETH  10/100BaseT over E3/T3 Fiber Optic Modems   
RAD FOMi-40  High Speed Fiber Optic Modem with Remote Control   
RAD FOMi-E1/T1  E1/T1 Fiber Optic Modem with Remote Control   
RAD FOMi-E3, FOMi-T3  E3, T3 and HSSI Manageable Fiber Optic Modems   
RAD FPS-8  Multiprotocol Fast Packet Switch
RAD H-RPT  E1 HDSL Repeater   
RAD hbt high speed ber testers    LBT Low Speed BER Testers
RAD HCD-4  4-Wire 4 Mbps HDSL-Based Modem
RAD HCD-E1  HDSL E1 Access Unit   
RAD HTU-2  n x 64 kbps HDSL Access Unit   
RAD HTU-E1/E1L HDSL Termination UnitsHTU-T1/T1L  HDSL Termination Units 
RAD IMX-2  Inverse Multiplexer and Leased Line Backup Unit   
RAD IMX-2T1/E1  T1 Inverse Multiplexer   
RAD IMX-4E1 8 Mbps Inverse Multiplexers, IMX-4T1 6 Mbps Inverse Multiplexers   
RAD IMX-64  Inverse Multiplexer   
RAD IMX-6L  6-Channel Inverse Multiplexer for Leased Lines   
RAD IMXi-4  Intelligent Inverse Multiplexer
RAD IPmux-1, IPmux-1E  TDMoIP Gateways   
RAD IPmux-11  Ethernet Multiservice Gateway
RAD IPmux-16 TDMoIP Gateways, IPmux-8  TDMoIP Gateways   
RAD IPmux-4  TDMoIP Gateway
RAD ITA-703  Rate and Interface Converter
RAD Kilomux-2100, Kilomux-2104  Data, Voice, Fax and LAN Integrating Multiplexers
RAD LA-104  High Speed ATM Integrated Access Device
RAD LA-110  Dedicated ATM Integrated Access Device   
RAD LA-140  Advanced ATM Integrated Access Device   
RAD LM-102  Dual-WAN Port Internet Link Manager   
RAD LRS-101  Broadband Rack   
RAD LRS-24  12-Slot Modem Rack with SNMP 
RAD LRS-52  Dedicated SHDSL Modem Rack with SNMP Management   
RAD LTU-2  E1 Line Termination Unit
RAD M-EFC, M-EFC/U  Miniature Ethernet-to-Fiber Optic Converters   
RAD M-TFC  MiniatureToken Ring Fiber Optic Converter   
RAD MAXcess-300, MAXcess-30  Bandwidth Managers for Frame Relay and Leased Lines   
RAD MAXcess-3000, MAXcess-3004  Bandwidth Managers for Frame Relay and Leased Lines 
RAD MBE10-8  Single or Dual Link Ethernet Remote Access Router   
RAD Megaplex-104, Megaplex-204  Compact Voice Channel Banks   
RAD Megaplex-2100, Megaplex-2104  Modular Integrated Access Multiplexers 
RAD Megaplex-2100H  Frame Relay/TDM/IP Access Multiplexer  
RAD Megaplex-2200  Modular Integrated Access Multiplexers
RAD MIC Series  Miniature Interface Converters   
RAD mme, MME/V.35  Replaces Two Sync Modems   
RAD MMS  2-Channel Modem Sharing Device   
RAD Model Descriptors 5620  Integrating RAD ATM Access Products into Alcatel 5620 NMS   
RAD MPS  2-Channel Port Sharing Device   
RAD MSD  8-Channel Modem Sharing Device   
RAD MTE Family  Miniature Elastic Buffers   
RAD MTM-15  Medium Range Voice Band Modem   
RAD MTM-20  Sync Extended Range Modem   
RAD MTMi-20  Sync Medium Range Modem with Remote Control   
RAD Optimux-1550 New Low-Cost Manageable Access Device
RAD Optimux-1551, Optimux-1553  STM-1/OC-3 High Capacity Terminal Multiplexers   
RAD Optimux-4E1/4E1L, Optimux-4T1/4T1L  Four E1 or T1 Channel PDH Multiplexers   
RAD Optimux-T3, Optimux-T3L  Multiple E1 or T1 PDH Fiber Multiplexers   
RAD Optimux-XLE1/XLT1,  Multiservice PDH Fiber Multiplexers   
RAD PRBi-E3, PRBi-T3  E3, T3 and HSSI Manageable Probes   
RAD PRBm-20  Signaling Monitoring Solution
RAD PSA  Power Supply Adapter 
RAD R-STM-1E  STM-1 Synchronous Digital Multiplexer   
RAD RADview Service Center TDM  Path Management System for MAP
RAD RADview Service Center TDMoIP  Service Management Application for TDM over IP   
RAD RADview Service Center Vmux  Service Management Application for Vmux
RAD RADview-EMS  Element Management System   
RAD RADView-HPOV  Element Management System   
RAD RADview-PC  Element Management System   
RAD RIC-155  Fast Ethernet over STM-1/OC-3 Converter   
RAD RIC-24/35  V.24/V.35 Interface Converter   
RAD RIC-E1, RIC-T1  E1 or T1 Converters 
RAD RIC-E3/ETH, RIC-T3/ETH  10/100BaseT to E3/T3 Interface Converters 
RAD RPT-I  Miniature E1/T1 G.703 Repeater
RAD rsd-1, RSD-10  4-, 8-Channel Programmable Sharing Devices 
RAD s-tau, SLIM-TAU  Trunk Access Units   
RAD SLIM-LAU  Lobe Access Unit   
RAD SPD-703-1  G.703 Codirectional Rate and Interface Converter   
RAD SPD-E1  E1 to T1 Rate and Interface Converter   
RAD SPD-T1/802  T1 to E1 Rate and Interface Converter  
RAD SPS-2HS, SPS-3  Miniature Packet Switching Access Units   
RAD SPS-3S, SPS-6, SPS-12  Multiprotocol Packet Switches 
RAD SRM-31A, SRM-31S  Miniature Multirate 2-Wire Modems   
RAD SRM-3A, SRM-3D  Ultra-Miniature Async Short Range Modems   
RAD SRM-5A, SRM-6A, SRM6D, SRM-6L  Asynchronous Short Range Modems   
RAD SRM-5AC, SRM-6AC  Asynchronous Multipoint Short Range Modems   
RAD SRM-5D  Asynchronous Short Range Modem   
RAD SRM-5S, SRM-6S  Synchronous Short Range Modems   
RAD SRM-5SC, SRM-6SC  Sync Multipoint Short Range Modems   
RAD SRM-5SX, SRM-6SX  Sync 2-Wire Short Range Modems   
RAD SRM-5TX, SRM-5SX  Async/Sync 2-Wire Short Range Modems   
RAD SRM-6AV  Asynchronous High Speed Short Range Modem   
RAD SRM-6DC  Asynchronous Multipoint Short Range Modem   
RAD SRM-8  Sync/Async Short Range Modem
RAD SRM-8H  High Speed Short Range Modem
RAD SRM-8V  Sync/Async Short Range Modem
RAD SRM-9  High Speed Sync/Async Short Range Modem   
RAD STM-2  2-Channel Miniature Statistical Multiplexer
RAD STM-4  4-Channel Statistical Multiplexer
RAD STM-8, STM-16HS, STM-24, STM-24HS  8-, 16- and 24-Channel Statistical Multiplexers 
RAD TFC  Fiber Optic Converter   
RAD TinyBridge, TinyBridge-4W  Miniature Remote Ethernet Bridges/Extenders   
RAD TinyRouter, TinyRouter-4W  Miniature Wire-Speed IP Routers and Extenders   
RAD TRE16-1, TRE16-8  Single Link Token Ring Remote Access Routers 
RAD U-RPT  IDSL Repeater   
RAD UCI, UCI/HS  Universal Interface Converters 
RAD Vmux-110  Voice Trunking Gateway
RAD Vmux-2100  Voice Trunking Gateway   
RAD VSC, VSC-X  Voice Interface Converters 
RAD WEB RANger, WEB RANger-II  Internet Access Routers