RAD Megaplex-2200 Modular Integrated Access Multiplexer

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RAD Megaplex-2200 Modular Integrated Access Multiplexers


  • Megaplex-2200 is a flexible integrated modular multiplexer, supporting up to 120 n x 64 kbps channels. PSTN, ISDN, and data services are supported, either directly, or via built-in IDSL modems compatible with ASMi-31 or other remote nodes with "U" interface. Megaplex-2200 enables integration of multiple dedicated, voice, ISDN, video and LAN channels onto four E1/T1 links. Megaplex-2200 splits the voice and data channels and redirects the traffic to separate trunks, maximizing efficiency by allowing each trunk to be connected directly to the appropriate service.
  • Megaplex-2200 is especially suitable for use as an economical, compact remote multiplexer. It is ideal for serving small communities, providing mixed services for both business and residential customers. Megaplex-2200 can be deployed both at the exchange at the point-of-presence, or at the remote distribution node location (such as in a building's basement telecommunication cabinet).
  • Megaplex-2200 can be mounted in 19" racks for carrier and service provider environments. Two chassis variants are available:
    - Megaplex-2200B (6U high) with connectors on back (ANSI standard) for the North American market
    - Megaplex-2200F (10U high) with connectors on chassis front (ETSI standard) for the European market.
    Both Megaplex-2200B and Megaplex-2200F chassis varients have slots to support up to 11 I/O modules, in addition to the first main link module. Both allow for hot-swapping modules without disconnecting cables.
  • The cross connect matrix used with the four E1/T1 main links and common logic enables management and control of traffic in case of failure. This, together with optional common logic, main link and power supply redundancy, helps to ensure a high level of system reliability on the Megaplex-2200 hubs. Additionally, the four E1/T1 main links support 1+1 protective switching within 50 msec. The main links also support integrated CSU/DSU and LTU.
  • Megaplex-2200 is standards-based, ensuring compatibility in multi-vendor environments worldwide. The E1 and T1 G.704 framing and signaling, PCM voice coding, ISDN and data interfaces, all conform to international standards.
  • Megaplex-2200 stores up to 10 different configuration databases and can switch between them in case of any network event. This feature enables alternate routing in case of failure.
  • Extensive network management is provided on multi-vendor management platforms via the use of standard SNMP protocol. The Megaplex-2200 provides the control and monitoring required in large networks by means of standard UNIX management platforms such as HPOV. For smaller networks, a PC-based SNMP platform is available.

System Modules

  • The Common Logic module stores up to 10 databases for independent configurations and events information. It communicates (via a SLIP/PPP connection) with the management station by means of an SNMP agent. FLASH EPROM for software download, Telnet and ASCII terminal are also supported.

Main Link Modules

  • The four E1/T1 main links module stores the matrix information between the I/O channels and each of the four E1 or T1 links. The module supports non-blocking cross connect for any n x 64 kbps, coming from either the channels or from the links.
  • The main links support 1+1 protective switching within 50 msec.
  • Four timing options are available:
    - Receive clock from each link
    - Internal crystal oscillator channel
    - Clock from any high-speed module (HS-12, HS-6, HS-S, HS-U, HS-703)
    - Station clock.
    Any clock source can be set as fallback in the event of primary clock source failure.

I/O Modules
Data Modules

  • HS-12 and HS-6 with twelve or six synchronous data channels, operating at multiples of 56 and 64 kbps.
  • HS-703 with four G.703 64 kbps codirectional channels.
  • HS-R with four low speed data channels operating at programmable data rates of 0.6 to 64 kbps for synchronous interfaces, and 0.6 to 38.4 kbps for asynchronous interfaces.
  • HS-U/1 with built-in IDSL modem operating at rates from 0.6 to 128 kbps, for ranges up to 5.5 km (3.4 miles) over 2-wire copper lines.

ISDN Modules

  • HS-U/I, HS-S supporting ISDN BRI interfaces for ISDN extension over non-ISDN facilities with either "U" or "S" interfaces.

Voice Modules

  • VC-12 with twelve PCM voice channel interfaces. Each interface can connect directly to analog lines for direct telephone, PABX extension or 2/4-wire E&M connections.


  • Network management provides centralized control of all network nodes, including interfaces configuration, connection setup, alarm and management.
  • All parameters are user programmable for up to 10 independent configurations (databases). All configurations are saved in non-volatile memory.
  • Alarm status and system configurations are available at all times. Multiple Megaplex-2200 hubs can be controlled from a single PC or UNIX workstation.
  • Programming and setup of a remote Megaplex-2200 is accomplished either:
    - Via timeslot 0, or FDL bits
    - Through the supervisory port of the remote unit, over a modem link or over a FRAD
    - Over a full in-band dedicated timeslot, supporting PPP, FR encapsulation, and RIP2 standard protocols.


  • Megaplex-2200 incorporates test features for rapid fault detection and easy maintenance. Upon power-up, all system and I/O modules undergo self testing. All problems are reported to the management system. Local and remote loops may be performed on each channel and on the main links.
  • An internal test pattern generator available on some I/O modules allows on-line testing of individual channels without using external test equipment.


  • Alarm information is stored in the common logic module. Alarms are automatically read by the management system from any node. Up to 256 alarms can be stored in a queue. Up to 1024 alarms can be stored in a file on the PC, to be read by the management system.


  • Integrated access platform performing both traffic grooming and concentration
  • Highly flexible modular multiplexer
  • Supports alternate routing in case of trunk failure
  • PSTN, ISDN and data services supported, either directly or through built-in 2-wire "U" interface modems
  • Main link module with four Fractional E1 or T1 links, featuring built-in programmable, non-blocking, DS0 cross connect
  • Capacity up to:
    - 44 2-wire "U" interface modems
    - 120 analog voice channels
    - 44 ISDN channels
    - 44 G.703 codirectional channels
    - 120 n x64 kbps data channels
    - 44 V.110 low speed channels
  • Common logic is used for management and control only
  • Optional redundancy for four E1/T1 main link module, common logic and power supply
  • 1+1 protective switching for E1/T1 links
  • Broadcast support
  • Management:
    - Out-of-band via V.24 supervisory port or Ethernet management port
    - In-band via timeslot 0, FDL or dedicated timeslot
  • RADview SNMP management system on PC or UNIX (HPOV) platform
  • Telnet support
  • Separate dial-in/dial-out port
  • Supports SNMP agent and standard management protocols: SLIP, PPP, FR encapsulation and RIP2
  • TFTP support for Common Logic software upgrade

Megaplex-2200 is comprised of a Basic Unit (chassis, main link and common logic modules, power supply and cables) and I/O modules. When ordering, specify the basic unit required, plus all I/O modules (see individual main link and I/O module data sheets).

6U chassis with 11 I/O slots

10U chassis with 11 I/O slots

System Modules can be ordered separately for special requirements (e.g. redundancy or non-standard main link combinations).

MP2200$-PS/* Power Supply
MP2200$-ML-4#1 Main Link
MP2200$-CL-2 Common Logic


# Specify main link interface:
T for four T1 (1.544 Mbps) links
E for four E1 (2.048 Mbps) links
& Specify chassis configuration:
R for full redundancy (2x PS, 2x ML, 2x CL)
RP for partial redundancy (2x PS, 2x ML, 1x CL)
Default configuration is without redundancy (1x PS, 1x ML, 1x CL)
* Specify power supply voltage:
115 for 115 VAC
230 for 230 VAC
48 for -48 VDC
$ Specify chassis type:
BM for MP-2100B chassis
FM for MP-2100F chassis





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