Miniature Ethernet-to-Fiber Optic Converters 

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RAD M-EFC/U Miniature Ethernet-to-Fiber Optic Converters 


  • M-EFC/U Miniature Ethernet UTP to Fiber Optic Converter for Ethernet LANs, converts between UTP (10BaseT) electrical signals and 10BaseFL optical signals for transmission over fiber optic cable.
  • M-EFC/U is used to connect PCs with a UTP interface card to a fiber optic-based network.
  • Supporting full/half duplex links, M-EFC/U takes full advantage of the unlimited range available on full duplex links (limited only by media attenuation and not by collision domain).
  • Using fiber optic cable M-EFC/U increases range, improves network performance and achieves greater reliability. M-EFC/U also reduces susceptibility to electrical noise and radio interference, and increases communication security by providing immunity to tapping and eavesdropping along exposed cable segments.


  • Extends Ethernet LANs up to 20 km
  • Supports 10BaseFL and 10BaseT IEEE 802.3 standards
  • Supports half/full duplex Ethernet
  • Multimode or single mode
  • Powered from external power source
  • Supports workstations, routers, hubs and switches


Miniature Ethernet UTP to Fiber Optic Converter

* Specify optical interface:
ST85 for 850 nm multimode ST connector
ST13 for 1300 nm single mode ST connector
FC85 for 850 nm multimode FC connector
FC13 for 1300 nm single mode FC connector

$ Specify AC for 90-264 VAC switching power supply with integral AC connector (may be ordered seperately as P/S-AC/12/800)

Note: While M-EFC/U can operate with any 12 VDC, 150 mA power supply, the CE approval requires use of the RAD power supply listed above.





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