RAD AirMux-104 Wireless Modem Point to Point

RAD AirMux-104 Wireless Modem Point to Point

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RAD AirMux-104 Wireless Modem Point to Point


Wireless point-to-point multiplexer operating at 5.7255.850 GHz over ANSI UNII and ISM license-exempt bands
Configurable combination of E1/T1/Fractional E1/T1 and Ethernet traffic over 2.6 Mbps full duplex wireless link
Operates at ranges of up to 40 km (28 miles)
Carrier resolution at 12 10 MHz intervals
Time Division Duplex (TDD) for simplified installation and free channel selection
Extensive diagnostics, including performance monitoring and loopbacks on the local and remote units


The AirMux-104 is a point-to-point multiplexer aggregating fractional E1 and Ethernet traffic over a 2.6 Mbps full duplex wireless link, extending data/voice transmission up to 40 km (28 miles). The AirMux-104 can transmit a full E1/T1 (2 Mbps) of Ethernet traffic or a combination of fractional E1/T1 and Ethernet using direct sequence spread spectrum (W-CDMA), which also enhances security.

The unique capabilities of the AirMux-104 in transporting both Ethernet/IP and TDM traffic over a wireless link make it ideal for a variety of applications, including:
- connection of LANs and PBXs at dispersed campus locations
- wireless backhauling of cellular base stations
- Wireless Local Loop (WLL)

The AirMux-104 operates at 5.7255.825 GHz. In many countries, 5.x GHz is an unlicensed frequency, allowing faster and more affordable deployment, since no frequency coordination and license fees are required. Intervals of 5 GHz bands enable a high quality of service, since they are not affected by harsh weather conditions such as fog and heavy rain, nor do they suffer from frequency congestion like the legacy 2.4 GHz bands.

Powerful forward error correction (FEC) ensures high reliability over this license-exempt frequency. Time Division Duplex (TDD) technology is employed, allowing for bi-directional traffic flow on a single channel, eliminating the requirement to allocate pairs of channels for the uplink and the downlink, simplifying the installation procedure.

Enhanced tools for providing a high quality of service are provided via monitoring tools for Ethernet and radio links. In addition, local and remote loopbacks are supported on the TDM link for fault isolation according to the V.54 standard.





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