RAD AMC-102 High Speed Media Converter and Repeater 

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RAD AMC-102 High Speed Media Converter and Repeater 


  • Modular high speed media converter and repeater

  • Protocols supported:

    • 155 Mbps STM-1/OC-3

    • 155 Mbps STM-1/STS-3c over UTP/STP

    • 622 Mbps STM-4/OC-12

    • Gigabit Ethernet 802.3z

  • Supports single mode fiber, multimode fiber, single fiber, UTP/STP and coax

  • Conforms to SDH/SONET transmission standards and Gigabit Ethernet

  • Multiple connector types are available for both electrical and optical interfaces


  • AMC-102, a high speed Media Converter, provides retimed conversion of optical and electrical signals at rates of 155 Mbps, 622 Mbps and Gigabit Ethernet. The modularity of AMC-102 interfaces enables field conversion between different media, as shown in the application diagrams.

  • AMC-102 can convert between different media with the same transmission rate (see Figure 1). A single AMC-102 converter with different media modules connects two devices operating with different interfaces - fiber and electrical.

  • AMC-102 also serves as a repeater for extended distances (see Figure 2 and Figure 3). A single AMC-102 is used as a fiber optic or copper repeater when set up with two similar modules (A and B).

  • A pair of AMC-102 converters can connect two ATM devices (see Figure 4), or two Gigabit Ethernet devices (see Figure 6) over different media.

  • AMC-102 can connect two ATM devices over single fiber at 155 Mbps (see Figure 5). In this application, modules B1 and B2 use the WDM technology, where the transmit signal is at a different wavelength than the receive signal. Modules A1 and A2 can be of any 155 Mbps type. Modules B1 and B2 should be a pair of AMC-102M/SF1/ST or FC and AMC-102M/SF2/ST or FC.

  • AMC-102 is supplied as a standalone unit. Special hardware for mounting either a single unit or two units side-by-side in a 19" rack can be ordered separately (see Ordering).

  • Dry contact alarms are available through a 9-pin D-type connector that provides dry contact for internal major alarms.

  • Major alarms occur when:

    • Power supply fails

    • Supply voltage is below a threshold

    • Code download fails

    • Loss of signal (LOS)

    • PLL unlock is received

    • Loss of frame (LOF)

    • Ambient temperature inside the box exceeds +65C


AMC-102  Application

    Figure 1. Conversion between Different Media



    Figure 2. Repeater Application (Using Modules Running at 155 or 622 Mbps)



    Figure 3. Repeater or Fiber Optic Conversion for Gigabit Ethernet Device



    Figure 4. Connecting two ATM Devices over Different Media



    Figure 5. Connecting two ATM Devices over a Single Fiber (at 155 Mbps only)



    Figure 6. Connecting two Gigabit Ethernet Devices over Different Fibers










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