RAD H-RPT E1 HDSL Repeater

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RAD H-RPT E1 HDSL Repeater

  • H-RPT extends the maximum range of HDSL products up to 7.2 km (4.5 miles) over 26 AWG and 9.2 km (5.7 miles) over 24 AWG (from Central to Remote unit). This enables extending digital transmissions to customers located beyond traditional local loop ranges, up to E1 rate.
  • H-RPT complies with all relevant HDSL ETSI standards.
  • Using advanced equalization, adaptive filtering, echo cancellation technology and 2B1Q line coding, H-RPT can operate over poor quality lines, bridge taps and mixed gauge links. High immunity to background noise enables transmission of multiple HDSL links along the same multipair cable.
  • H-RPT receives power via the data communication wires from the cards of the central LRS-12 or LRS-24 rack with no interference between data and power. A standalone power supply, LRS-PS-FEED, should be ordered separately for remote power feeding. LRS-PS-FEED is connected to the LRS-12/24 rack, which distributes power for the remote feeding of remote devices and repeaters, via the cards in the rack.
  • The embedded HDSL management channel is transparently passed through H-RPT. As a result, the remote unit can still be controlled by a central SNMP management unit.
  • H-RPT is enclosed in a weatherproof casing so that the product can be placed in an outdoor environment. The unit may also be installed on a wall or communication poll. The compact size of the casing and the wire connection enables installation in communication ducts or manholes along the route of the communication cables.
  • H-RPT requires no setup or configuration; once installed, it can function with no further interaction.


  • Extends the range of HDSL products over existing copper cables
  • Complies with HDSL according to ETSI standards
  • Remote power feed
  • Weatherproof casing
  • Small size for use in manholes or communication ducts
  • Works opposite RAD's
  • HTU-E1, HTU-2 and HCD-E1
  • No configuration or setup required

4-wire HDSL E1 repeater






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