RAD RPT-I Miniature E1/T1 G.703 Repeater

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RAD RPT-I Miniature E1/T1 G.703 Repeater 


  • RPT is a miniature G.703 repeater for extending the range of T1 (1.544 Mbps) or E1 (2.048 Mbps) equipment.
  • Two models are available:
    • RPT-I for indoor operation, supplied in a miniature plastic case.
    • RPT-O for outdoor operation, supplied in an all-weather plastic case.
  • RPT supports up to 39 dB attenuation at 772 kHz for T1, and up to 45 dB at 1024 kHz for E1. For a 22 AWG pulp cable, this represents a distance between repeaters of up to 2.2 km / 1.3 miles.
  • RPT can be powered using either TELCO simplex line power or local power. If available, TELCO line power is normally used in preference to local line power. For TELCO power, both "through" and "loop" power methods are supported (refer to Figure 1). For local power, RPT can use either a battery or a wall-mounted AC power supply. The outdoor version (RPT-O) can be powered from TELCO simplex line power only.
  • RPT supports local loopback via a manual switch. When the loopback is activated, the receive data (RX-1) of side 1 is looped back to the transmit data (TX-1) of port 1, with the path from the receive data of port 2 disconnected. The loopback switch is located internally in RPT-O, and externally in RPT-I.
  • Connection to the line is made via a 15-pin, D-type female connector for RPT-I and a terminal block for RPT-O.


  • Extends operating range of T1 or E1 equipment
  • Indoor and outdoor models
  • Dynamic Range:
    0 to 39 dB for T1
    0 to 45 dB for E1
  • Use of local or simplex power
  • Local loopback support
  • Easy to install, compact, lightweight

Repeater for indoors

Repeater for outdoors

* Specify data rate:
1 for T1 data rate (1.544 Mbps)
2 for E1 data rate (2.048 Mbps)

Wall-mounted 230 VAC power supply

Wall-mounted 115 VAC power supply






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