RAD STM-4 4-Channel Statistical Multiplexer

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RAD STM-4 4-Channel Statistical Multiplexer 


  • The STM-4 Statistical Multiplexer, multiplexes 4 asynchronous channels at data rates of 300 to 19,200 bps, onto a single synchronous composite link. An external clock enables the composite link to operate at speeds up to 19,200 bps. Error-free end-to-end performance is provided by powerful error detection and automatic retransmission.
  • The STM-4 features hardware and software flow control for each sub-channel end-to-end (DTE-DTE), and each sub-channel to terminal (DCE-DTE). Several characters for X-ON and X-OFF are provided enabling compatibility with most applications.
  • One control can be passed end-to-end in both directions. RTS on one side is passed to DCD on the other side. (Control signal passing is not available in the miniature model).
  • Any sub-channel can be used as a command port in order to configure the entire system, or perform the diagnostic test. A password is used to prevent unauthorized changing of the configuration.
  • The STM-4 features a permanent storage memory of the user programmed configuration, using a non-volatile RAM. Downline loading of configuration parameters from the local STM-4 to the remote STM-4 or from remote to local is performed-by a software command.
  • Comprehensive diagnostic capability is provided via local and remote loopbacks on either the sub-channels or the composite channel. The STM-4 can also control pins 18 and 21 of the composite link modem's RS-232 interface, thus enabling complete system diagnostics including testing of the modems.
  • The STM-4 is available in three models:
    1) Miniature plastic enclosure,
    2) Stand-alone, metal enclosure,
    3) A card for a 19" rack. The rack can carry up to 14 STM-4 cards.
    Special hardware for mounting an STM-4 stand-alone unit onto a 19" rack can be ordered separately (see Ordering). This hardware enables installation of either one or two units side by side. The unit height is only 1U (1.75") requiring minimal rack space.




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