RAD PSA Power Supply Adapter

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RAD PSA Power Supply Adapter 


  • PSA, a Power Supply Adapter, is an accessory device which enables RAD miniature products to be powered by an AC wall-mounted adapter. RAD miniature products normally operate without AC power. However, in some installations the DTE equipment does not provide enough power through the V.24/RS-232 signals. The required power can be then supplied by PSA.
  • The unit is housed in a miniature snap-together/pop-open plastic case with 25-pin connectors on both ends and a DC jack accessible from the unit side. All 25 pins are wired through with the exception of pin 20 which can be configured to receive the positive power (see Figure 1). Pin 9 of both connectors is connected to the positive voltage (+ V ) applied through the DC jack, and pin 7 is connected to Ground.
  • Supplies DC power to RAD miniature units
  • Extends the application range of miniature, non-powered products
  • All 25 pins are wired through
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Miniature, lightweight


Power Supply Adapter



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