RAD LM-102 Dual-WAN Port Internet Link Manager

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RAD LM-102 Dual-WAN Port Internet Link Manager


Automatic failure protection provides 24/7 online service availability
 Bandwidth management guarantees service for mission-critical applications
 Dynamic load balancing between links for both inbound and outbound traffic
 Integrated eight-port Fast Ethernet wire-speed Layer 2 switch

Small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as branch offices, can benefit from guaranteed uninterrupted Internet service and optimized content delivery with RAD's LM-102 dual-WAN port link manager.  The LM-102 manages the operation of two Internet links for reliable, high performance and cost-effective connectivity.

LM-102 uses link availability, link load, and link available bandwidth to intelligently load-balance all outgoing traffic through two available links. This effectively eliminates link failures and bottlenecks from multi-homed networks, providing fault-tolerant connectivity and continuous availability of online services.

Proximity detection algorithms choose the best Internet service provider (ISP) for outbound traffic, taking into account router hops and latency to the destination network, as well as current load per ISP link.An intelligent Domain Name Server agent in the LM-102 manages the flow of incoming traffic into the network, providing load balancing for all incoming traffic and ensuring that no address from a failed ISP link is ever advertised to the Internet.

Control and prioritization of HTTP, HTTPS, mail, and FTP guarantee service levels for mission-critical applications.

Combining an integrated eight-port Fast Ethernet wire-speed Layer 2 switch with continuous line monitoring, traffic re-direction and bandwidth management delivers resilient Internet links. An intuitive Web-based graphical user interface enables quick setup, constant monitoring and easy configuration changes for fast and efficient connectivity of the remote office.

The LM-102 is a compact, 1U-high unit suitable for a desktop, for wall mounting or for mounting in a 19" rack. The unit uses an external power supply.



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