RAD FOM-6MP Async Fiber Optic Multipoint Modem   

FOM-6MP Asynchronous Fiber Optic Multi-point Modem

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RAD FOM-6MP Async Fiber Optic Multipoint Modem

  • The FOM-6MP Asynchronous Fiber Optic Multi-point modem is used for multidrop data distribution connecting full or half duplex async computers and DTEs. The modem ensures the integrity of data transmissions over fiber optic cables at distances up to 16 km (10 miles) between modems. Only one fiber link is required between the DTEs for transferring full duplex data.
  • Two versions of FOM-6MP are available: a single fiber link version and a dual fiber link version. The single fiber link version is used as the modem attached to the Host (Master) in the application and the dual fiber link version is used for all other points in the application.
  • FOM-6MP incorporates all the advantages of a fiber optic system, providing:
    • Lower attenuation than with copper wire;
    • Capability of working in harsh environments;
    • EMI/RFI immunity;
    • Near absolute security and reduction in the cost of data encryption;
    • Safety and electrical isolation.
  • FOM-6MP contains two bi-directional optical interfaces and a single RS-232/V.24 interface. Data received on optical Link A is sent to the DTE and repeated to optical port Link B for transmission to the upstream FOM-6MP. When data is received on Link B, it is repeated and transmitted to Link A to respond to the Master computer's request.
  • FOM-6MP should be used only in a multidrop application, where data from host (Master) is transmitted to all DTEs (Slaves), but only one Slave responds. The responding DTE contends for transmission by either raising RTS or by data transitions (selectable).
  • Diagnostics include power status as well as status of transmit and receive transmission from Link A and B and the terminal. If FOM-6MP does not receive transmission from the Link, the FLT LED A lights. If transmission is not received by the remote unit, FOM-6MP sends back a signal which causes the local FOM-6MP FLT LED B to flash.
  • To prevent blockage in event of streaming, a port can be disabled by automatic circuitry, if it remains active more than 1 or 13 sec. (time interval is strap selectable). The automatic disable resets whenever DTE RTS drops or whenever data transitions are not present.
  • FOM-6MP is provided in a plastic enclosure and is powered by an external stand-alone power supply via a power jack or via the RS-232 25-pin connector.


  • Multipoint transmission over fiber optic
  • Asynchronous transmission up to 38.4 kbps
  • Range up to 16 km (10 miles) over Singlemode fiber
  • Automatic disabling in the event of streaming
  • Variety of optical options including: Multimode, Singlemode and laser diode over Singlemode
  • Extensive diagnostics
  • Compact, lightweight, easy to install
  • Wide input DC supply, 10V to 30V

Asynchronous Fiber Optic Multi-point Modem

* Specify Single Link or Dual Link:
SL for Single Link
DL for Dual Link
+ Specify Optical Interface:
ST85 for 850 nm Multimode with ST connector
FC85 for 850 nm Multimode with FC-PC connector
ST13 for 1300 nm Singlemode with ST connector
FC13 for 1300 nm Singlemode with FC-PC connector
ST13L for 1300 nm laser diode Single mode with ST connector
FC13L for 1300 nm laser diode Singlemode with FC-PC connector


Wall-mounted, 230 VAC/500 mA power supply

Wall-mounted, 115 VAC/500 mA power supply






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