RAD FCD-NTU Intelligent Network Termination Unit (NTU)

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RAD FCD-NTU Intelligent Network Termination Unit (NTU)


Intelligent network termination unit _ Interfaces supported:
- V.35 at 56 kbps to 2.048 Mbps
- X.21 at 56 kbps to 2.048 Mbps
- G.703 unframed E1 at 2.048 Mbps
Automatic activation/deactivation of remote and local loopbacks
Supports a variety of patterns for diagnostics of digital communication systems
Enhanced diagnostics include:
- User activated local and remote loopbacks
- Integrated BER tester
- Fractional E1/T1 in-band loop
Network link responds to an ANSI FT1 RDL (T1E1.2/93-003) in-band loop code, generated by the network


The FCD-NTU is an intelligent network termination unit (NTU) that includes two interfaces. Both DTE (network link) and DCE (user link) are V.35, X.21 or G.703. The FCD-NTU supports dial-in and dial-out modem connections. These connections can be used for remote out-of-band configuration, monitoring and sending callout alarm messages using ASCII (terminal) or SLIP protocols. 

Setup, control and monitoring of status and diagnostics information can be activated via:- menu-driven management- ASCII terminal connected to the async control port command line interpreter- SNMP management connected to the async control port.  The FCD-NTU has an internal SNMP agent and can be controlled by any generic SNMP station or by the RADview SNMP network management application. 

Maintenance capabilities include user-activated local and remote loopbacks at the network link and user link. The user can activate a BER test for the user link. The network link responds to an ANSI FT1 RDL (T1E1.2/93-003) in-band loop code, generated from the remote network in a specific bundle of timeslots allocated only to that port. This enables control of the remote unit without installation of a separate control path. 

When operating with CRC-4, E1 network statistics are stored in memory according to RFC 1406. The statistics information may be retrieved locally through the control port.


Intelligent NTU
* Specify interface link
V35 for V.35 interface
X21 for X.21 interface
G703 for G.703 interface




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