RAD FOM-8 Sync/Async Fiber Optic Modem    

FOM-8 Miniature Sync/Async Fiber Optic Modem

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RAD FOM-8 Sync/Async Fiber Optic Modem 

  • The FOM-8, Synchronous/Asynchronous Short Range Modem, is used for local data distribution, connecting full or half duplex Sync or Async DTEs to other DTEs, over fiber optic cable. FOM-8 operates at data rates up to 19.2 kbps.
  • FOM-8 performs diagnostic loops in compliance with ITU V.54 standard. Two V.54 loops are available: analog loop (V.54 Loop 3) and remote digital loop (V.54 Loop 2). The loops are activated by DTE interface signals Circuit 141 (Pin 18) and Circuit 140 (Pin 21).
  • Asynchronous transmission is provided by internal conversion from Async to Sync in compliance with ITU V.22 bis standard. Different Async formats are switch selectable.
  • In the Synchronous mode, transmit timing is provided by three alternative sources:
    • Internal oscillator
    • External clock
    • Loopback clock derived from the receive signal.
  • The modem's carrier can be strapped for either continuous operation, or for switched operation. In switched operation, the carrier is controlled by the RTS signal, and enables transfer of a control signal end-to-end.
  • FOM-8 is designed to operate with several grades and sizes of fiber optic cable. Two different optical interfaces are available:
    • 820 nm for use with multimode fibers
    • 1300 nm for use with single mode fibers.
  • FOM-8 incorporates all the advantages of a fiber optic system:
    • Lower attenuation than with copper wires; additionally, attenuation is not related to frequency.
    • EMI/RFI immunity, which saves the cost of expensive and heavy shielding and complex error checking devices.
    • Security is almost absolute. The cost of data encryption is reduced. Eavesdropping is virtually useless, as the fibers generate negligible power.
    • Safety and electrical isolation - no spark hazard or ground-loop noise problems.
  • Innovative circuitry design allows operation without a power supply, by using ultra-low power from the standard RS-232/V.24 data and control signals. For proper operation, both data and at least one control signal must be connected. i.e. Transmit Data, Receive Data, Signal Ground, and either RTS or DTR.
  • FOM-8 is compatible with the CMN-CF8 card of the 19" CMN-16 modem rack.


  • Synchronous or Asynchronous transmission
  • Data rates up to 19.2 kbps
  • V.54 diagnostics, including local and remote tests
  • Supports transmission over single mode or multimode fiber
  • Full or half duplex
  • Plugs directly into the RS-232/V.24 connector
  • Internal, external, or receive clock
  • Ruggedized metal enclosure
  • No AC power required
  • Miniature, lightweight, easy to install
  • Card version for 19" modem rack

Synchronous/Asynchronous Short Range Modem

* Specify 25-pin connector:
F for female
M for male
+ Specify connector:
SMA for SMA connector
ST for ST connector
FC for FC connector
(Default is SMA connector)
# Specify wavelength:
13 for 1300 nm
(Default is 820 nm)






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