RAD FDSL-101 Fiber Optic xDSL Extender

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RAD FDSL-101 Fiber Optic xDSL Extender


Transparently extends up to six 2W DSL (or five DSL and one E1/T1) lines over fibre
Small foot print: 1U, half 19"
Low power consumption of 9W
Enables migration between different DSL technologies
SNMP manageable


The FDSL-101 is an optical multiplexer grooming up to six DSL ports or five DSL ports and one E1/T1 port over a fibre optic cable, extending the reach up to 20 km (12.5 miles). The FDSL-101 is an optimal solution for grooming and extending the reach of routers, cross connects, PBXs and other devices equipped with SHDSL, ADSL, MSDSL or 2W-HDSL ports. Depending on the technology, typical DSL service extends up to 6 km (3.75 miles). As a result, there are potential customers beyond the reach of DSLAMs located in central offices. The FDSL-101 extends the DSLAM service while enabling the carrier to utilize existing DSLAM ports at its central site. Two units are required, one on each side of the fibre optic line. Due to the transparency of the technology, service providers can migrate between different DSL technologies without changing FDSL-101 units in the CO and at the remote location. This simplifies the network, resulting in lower operating costs and higher service availability. The FDSL-101 is 1U high and half 19" wide. Its power consumption is as low as 9W including 1.8W for line dissipation.



DSL service extension to a residential building
DSL service extension to a residential building

Extending DSLAM service reach
Extending DSLAM service reach




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