RAD MME/V.35 Replaces Two Sync Modems

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RAD MME/V.35 Replaces Two Sync Modems


  • MME/V.35 is a miniature modem eliminator, which replaces two synchronous modems by permitting direct port-to-port connection.
  • Two models are available: MME/V.35 and MME/V.35/P.

      MME/V.35 operates without AC supply, using ultra low power from the V.35 control signals. For proper operation, the DTE (computer or controller) should provide the RTS and DTR control signals.

      MME/V.35/P requires an external power supply and should be used in applications where the DTE control signals are not available.

  • MME/V.35 generates the Receive and Transmit clocks required for proper operation of the two synchronous DTEs, as well as all the control signals necessary to emulate half- or full-duplex operation.
  • The delay between Request to Send and Clear to Send can be independently set on either port to 0, 7, or 64 msec for 64 kbps or to 0, 8 or 73 msec for 56 kbps.
  • The Data Carrier Detect signal can either be set to constantly ON, or used as a port-to-port "handshaking" signal, where RTS on one port is converted to DCD on the other port.
  • Physical connection between MME/V.35 and its associated terminal and computer is via two 34-pin V.35 connectors on a 2.8 ft cable, either both female or one male and one female.

    Note: Unless otherwise indicated, MME/V.35 refers to both the powered and non-powered versions.


  • Synchronous
  • Data rates of 56 or 64 kbps
  • Range of 75m / 247 ft on each side
  • Two models: with or without external power supply
  • V.35 interface
  • Selectable RTS to CTS delay
  • Carrier controlled or constantly on
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Miniature, lightweight


Non-powered Miniature Modem Eliminator


Externally Powered Miniature Modem Eliminator

* Specify:
56 for 56 kbps
64 for 64 kbps
* Specify:
M-F for one male and one female connector
F-F for two female connectors
M-M for two male connectors (for MME/V.35 only)


Wall-mounted, 230 VAC power supply with European plug


Wall-mounted, 115 VAC power supply with American plug




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