RAD SRM-6AV Asynchronous High Speed
Short Range Modem   

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RAD SRM-6AV Asynchronous High Speed Short Range Modem    


  • The miniature SRM-6AV 4-wire, high speed, short range modem connects full duplex asynchronous DTEs over two twisted pairs.
  • Operating at data rates up to 115.2 kbps, SRM-6AV has a range of 3 km, at 115.2 kbps over 24 AWG cable.
  • SRM-6AV supports any asynchronous character length, parity setting and any combination of start and stop bits with no need to set any straps or jumpers.
  • A DTE/DCE switch allows SRM-6AV to operate as DTE in order to connect to another DCE, without requiring a crosscable.
  • The low transmit level minimizes crosstalk onto adjacent circuits within the same cable.
  • Connection to the line is through an isolation transformer, for protection against AC or DC overvoltages.
  • SRM-6AV operates without connection to an AC supply, using ultra-low power from the data and control signals.
  • SRM-6AV is available with a male or female integral 25-pin connector for the DTE interface and a five-screw (4-wire and ground) connector block for the line. Optionally, the line connection can be RJ-12 or RJ-45.


  • Data rate up to 115.2 kbps
  • 4-wire, full duplex
  • Supports any async character format
  • No AC power required
  • Range up to 5 km / 3 miles, at 19.2 kbps over 24 AWG
  • Transformer isolated from line hazards
  • DCE/DTE switch for easy direct connection

Asynchronous 4-wire High Speed Modem

* Specify connector:
F for female 25 pin connector
M for male 25 pin connector
+ Specify line interface:
TB for terminal block connector
RJ12 for RJ-12 connector
RJ45 for RJ-45 connector




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