RAD IPmux-11 Ethernet Multiservice Gateway

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RAD IPmux-11 Ethernet Multiservice Gateway


  • Supports both legacy and advanced Ethernet services
  • Maintains revenues from legacy services
  • Carries LAN traffic over the Ethernet access segment
  • Defines a demarcation point for secure transmissions and end-to-end control




The IPmux-11 customer-located Ethernet multiservice gateway enhances the IPmux line of TDMoIP devices with extended Ethernet support. In addition to delivering TDM-based services over packet switched networks (PSNs), the IPmux-11 offers advanced Layer 2 (Ethernet) traffic engineering capabilities.

Converged Packet-Switched Network Saves Costs

RAD's IPmux-11 Ethernet multiservice gateway reduces operating expenses by delivering virtually all TDM, data and LAN services over IP/Ethernet/MPLS networks. End users continue to receive all familiar services, and carriers and service providers maintain revenues from legacy services. Its compact size, easy installation and support for multiple legacy and next generation Ethernet- and IP-based services make the IPmux-11 ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Intelligent Demarcation Assures End-to-End Control

Ethernet, originally designed for use in private networks, is now also used across the wide area network (WAN). The IPmux-11 is a customer-located device (CLE), owned and operated by the carrier and installed at the customer premises. It marks a clear demarcation between the customer's LAN and the carrier's WAN, allowing the carrier to isolate each customer's traffic, provide secure VPNs over the WAN and assure end-to-end control of the carrier's network.

Native Ethernet in the Last Mile

In anticipation of the future all-Ethernet network, more and more customers are connecting to the carrier's point-of-presence (POP) over fibre Ethernet in the Local Loop. The IPmux-11 located at the customer premises carries all customer traffic over this Last Mile segment.

Enhanced Layer 2 (Ethernet) Traffic Engineering

IPmux-11 serves business customers' growing need for transparent LAN services (TLS) such as LAN-to-LAN interconnection and Ethernet connectivity to service providers. Enhanced features such as VLAN-based rate limiting per port enable the operator to provide multiple virtual private networks (VPNs) over the packet network. VLAN stacking allows mapping the customer's private VLANs to the carrier's service VLANs, and assigning different attributes (priorities/tags) to different services.


IPmux-11 comes equipped with the following interfaces: - Standard E1/T1 port - External clock port (E1/T1 rate) - Two Ethernet ports with optional 10/100BaseT or 100BaseFx interface; serve as network or user ports - One Ethernet port with 10/100BaseT interface; used only for LAN connectivity




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