RAD PRBi-E3, PRBi-T3 E3, T3 and HSSI Manageable Probes

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RAD PRBi-E3, PRBi-T3 E3, T3 and HSSI Manageable Probes  


  • PRBi-E3 and PRBi-T3 are intelligent probes located at the customer premises and act as a termination point for E3 and T3 public services. PRBi-E3 and
    PRBi-T3 are designed to detect faulty conditions on the network or user side, alert when such conditions occur and enable fault isolation.
  • The network side of the product is either E3 or T3 electrical coax interfaces (ordering option). When the unit is ordered with E3 network interface, the user interface can be either E3 electrical coax or HSSI interface working at E3 rate. When the unit is ordered with a T3 network interface, the user interface can be either T3 electrical coax or an HSSI interface working at T3 rate. The HSSI interface can also work at a half or a quarter of the network interface rate.
  • There are three different ways to manage and operate the PRBi-E3, PRBi-T3:
    • Locally, using an ASCII terminal. The product includes terminal operation software, which uses menu dialogs with numbered options to be selected by the user.
    • Locally or remotely, using an SNMP management station. This offers internal SNMP over SLIP protocol support in the unit.
    • Remote in band activation of diagnostic loops. In PRBi-E3, the N-bit (national bit) is used; in PRBi-T3 the C-bit is used for passing in-band activation and deactivation of loops to the remote product.
      Any device that can set the N-bit of the E3 frame or the C-bit of the T3 frame can activate or deactivate (from the network side) the diagnostic loops from any location on the network.
  • The unit includes an RS-232 control port. This port can be used either to connect the ASCII terminal or for an SNMP over SLIP connection (user selectable). The same port supports the dial-in or dial-out function that enables remote management using a pair of dial-up modems and the public PSTN network.
  • PRBi-E3, PRBi-T3 are transparent to E3, T3 and HSSI framing. The units comply with all relevant international standards, including G.703, SNMP MIB II and
  • PRBi-E3, PRBi-T3 can be managed via RADview, RAD's SNMP management application, which manages all of RAD's manageable products. RADview has a user-friendly GUI and can be run in both UNIX and PC environments in parallel to other vendors' management applications using the same platforms.
  • PRBi-E3, PRBi-T3 enable different clock modes to allow a variety of applications. The following clock modes are supported:
    • Internal clock: A built in oscillator enables the units to supply the clock. This is useful for testing purposes or when the public network fails to provide the system clock.
    • Loopback timing: The units transmit and receive data according to the system clock received from the network.
    • Transparent mode: The units are divided into two independent clock routes, one from the network to the user and the other from the user to the network. The clock is regenerated in both routes.
  • A dry contact relay port is included. The port is a dry 9-pin connector (DB-9) and enables activation of external alarm devices, such as buzzers or alarm lamps. Major and minor alarm conditions are supported. The port has different pin connections in order to operate as normally open or normally closed.
  • Manageable termination of public E3 and T3 services
  • Real time detection and isolation of faults in E3 and T3 networks
  • Enable remote activation of diagnostic loops using reserve bits
  • Enable high speed routers with HSSI interface to operate over public E3 and T3 networks
  • Transparent for E3, T3 and HSSI framing
  • Monitoring and diagnostic configuration activated locally via ASCII terminal or remotely via SNMP over SLIP protocol
  • Dial in/out capabilities for remote out of band alerts and diagnostics using dial-up modems
  • Comply with international standards: G.703, SNMP, MIB II, DS3-MIB-05.TXT
  • Different clock modes supported for different applications
  • Range of power supply sources supported
  • Dry contact alarm port available for external alert systems
  • Front panel indicators display power availability, input signal status and test and alarm status
  • Available as a compact 1U (44 mm) high standalone unit, designed for desktop or mounting in a 19" rack

Manageable Probe for E3 and HSSI rates

Manageable Probe for T3 and HSSI rates

* Specify power supply:
AC for 110 -230 VAC
24 for -24 VDC
48 for -48 VDC
& Specify HSSI user interface
HSSI for HSSI interface




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