RAD IMX-64 Inverse Multiplexer 

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RAD IMX-64 Inverse Multiplexer 


  • The IMX-64 inverse multiplexer supports up to six network channels
    (via three or four physical network ports) and one or two data ports.
  • IMX-64 splits the bandwidth of its data ports over some or all of the networks channels, in order to provide the required bandwidth for the application connected to the data ports.
  • Typical applications for IMX-64 include high speed leased line backup, Bandwidth On Demand and Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation.


  • Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation can be performed on the basis of traffic sensing, time of day or manual intervention. In traffic sensing mode, IMX-64 senses the bandwidth requirement of an application and automatically adds and drops ISDN B channels during the transmission. Typical applications include bridge/router internetworking links. Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation is only available for leased lines of 64 kbps
    (see Figure 1).


  • IMX-64 can backup one or two leased lines, operating at data rates from 64 kbps to 256 kbps, over up to four B channels. When the leased line returns to proper operation, IMX-64 automatically reverts to the leased line (see Figure 2).


  • For applications such as video conferencing that require high speed switched connections, IMX-64 can call as many as six B channels to provide up to 384 kbps aggregate bandwidth (see Figure 3).


  • During the initial handshaking process, the unit measures the delay of each 64 kbps circuit. This enables both units to reconstruct the data after it has been spread across the six separate channels and thus ensure that the data is delivered in the correct order. The differential delay can support two satellite hops.
  • IMX-64 offers a large choice of interfaces on the network side, as well as for the data ports. It connects to basic rate ISDN (BRI) switched digital service. It also supports dedicated circuits (leased lines) with a wide range of interfaces (see Ordering).
  • Using the BONDING 1, 2 and 3 protocol specifications for inverse multiplexing, IMX-64 can operate with other vendor products.
  • IMX-64 supports two independent calls (one per data port) up to the 384 kbps maximum permissible bandwidth. Dialing can be performed either manually or via protocols using the DTE leads.
  • Command-driven software offers complete control of configuration, call setup, diagnostics, alarms and other functions.
  • SNMP over SLIP support is available for most monitoring and configuration functions.
  • The software download function, performed using Xmodem protocol, facilitates product upgrades.
  • IMX-64 is a compact 1U high stand-alone unit. It can be mounted in a 19" rack using the optional rack-mount hardware (RM-7/NEW).


  • Supports up to six 64 kbps channels
  • One or two data ports support total bandwidth of 384 kbps
  • Integrated ISDN (BRI) or external TAs
  • Supports ISDN backup of high speed leased lines (up to 256 kbps)
  • Provides Bandwidth On Demand
  • Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
  • Operates over a combination of switched and non-switched lines
  • Support for Euro-ISDN , 5ESS, National ISDN (NI1), DMS-100 and NTT
  • Supports "S" and "U" interfaces
  • Supports S0 leased line
  • Supports BONDING 1, 2 and 3 protocol specifications
  • Differential delay of up to 512 msec
  • Configuration via front panel or control port
  • Resilient operation with failure recovery
  • SNMP support using SLIP protocol
  • Software download via Xmodem protocol


* Specify port configuration:
(see table below)
A for 1 data, 1 leased line and 2 ISDN ports
B for 1 data and 3 ISDN ports
C for 2 data, 2 leased lines and 2 ISDN ports
D for 2 data and 3 ISDN ports
# Specify data port interfaces:
V35 one or two V.35
V36 one or two V.36
530 one or two RS-530
530A one or two RS-530A
X21 one or two X.21
V35X21 one V.35 and one X.21
& Specify leased line interfaces:
V24 one or two V.24
V35 one or two V.35
V36 one or two V.36
530 one or two RS-530
530A one or two RS-530A
X21 one or two X.21
V35V24 one V.35 and one V.24
V35X21 one V.35 and one X.21
X21V24 one X.21 and one V.24
$ Specify ISDN port interfaces:

All data port and 64 kbps leased line network interfaces use a 26-pin high density D-type, female connector.
The following cables convert the 26-pin connector to other physical interfaces and should be ordered separately. Cable length is 2 meters.


a Specify physical interface:
V24 for V.24/RS-232, 25-pin
V35 for V.35, 34-pin
V36 for V.36/RS-449, 37-pin
530 for RS-530, 25-pin
SCS26 for RS-530A, 26-pin
X21 for X.21, 15-pin
b Specify connector type:
F for female connector
M for male connector

Hardware for mounting one or two stand-alone units in a 19" rack




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