RAD LRS-52 Dedicated SHDSL Modem Rack
with SNMP Management

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RAD LRS-52 Dedicated SHDSL Modem Rack
with SNMP Management


 Dedicated SHDSL modem rack
- Serves wider range of customers at lower cost
 Up to 24 modems in a 3U chassis
- High density modem rack reduces price per port
 E1, V.35 or X.21 user interfaces
 RADview SNMP management
- Enables simple and user-friendly operation and reduces operational costs
The LRS-52 is a manageable access system that offers a complete SHDSL solution in the Local Loop. Each port in the LRS-52 works opposite an SHDSL remote device in a point-to-point configuration, providing each port with an independent connection. The product supports SHDSL technology in full compliance with ITU and ETSI standards. The LRS-52 is a costeffective non-modular modem rack that can be used with a dedicated number of ports. The user can choose between 12 and 24 ports in the 2-wire version, and between six and 12 ports in the 4-wire version. The LRS-52 is available in separate versions for each user interface (E1, V.35 or X.21).

The LRS-52 has an SNMP agent on board that provides full SNMP management of the central and the remote units. It includes a built-in Ethernet bridge and dual Ethernet ports for the connection of a large number of racks to single or multiple management stations. The same Ethernet segment used for managing the LRS-52 can be used to manage other elements in the network, such as backbone equipment, from the same management station. The LRS-52 has two additional ports, one for local ASCII terminal management and the other for station clock connection. The RADview SNMP application running on an HP OpenView or PC platform enables full management of the LRS-52 and the remote ASMi-52.

The LRS-52 can operate with either a single or dual AC or DC power supply. Each power supply supports a working rack, enabling replacement during operation without any effect on system performance.



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