RAD RIC-24/35 V.24/V.35 Interface Converter

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RAD RIC-24/35 V.24/V.35 Interface Converter 
RIC-24/35/115   RIC-24/35/230


  • The RIC-24/35 interface converter enables communication between devices with RS-232/V.24 interface and devices with V.35 interface.
  • Operating bidirectionally and full-duplex at data rates up to 128 kbps, RIC-24/35 electrically converts the RS-232.V.24 interface signals into V.35 interface signals and vice versa.
  • DTE/DCE switch selection, for the RS-232/V.24 interface and the V.35 interface, enables direct connection to the data terminal equipment (DTE) or data communication equipment (DCE) on both sides.
  • RIC-24/35 comes in a compact, durable plastic enclosure requiring minimal rack space. Special hardware for mounting the unit into a 19" rack can be ordered separately (see Ordering). This hardware enables installation of either a single unit, or two units side by side, using standard rack space of 1U (1.75") in height.


  • Converts RS-232/V.24 to V.35 bidirectional
  • Data rates up to 128 kbps
  • DCE/DTE switch for both interfaces
  • Compact, lightweight
  • LED monitoring

Interface Converter

* Specify:
115 for 115V power supply
230 for 230V power supply

Hardware for mounting one or two units into a 19" rack





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