RAD LTU-2 E1 Line Termination Unit 

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RAD LTU-2 E1 Line Termination Unit 


  • The LTU-2 Line Termination Unit connects local equipment such as PABXs and E1 multiplexers to the E1 public network, with complete network protection. In addition, LTU-2 provides line power feed for E1 repeaters such as RPT-0. When coupled with 14 repeaters, LTU-2 extends an E1 line up to 20 km (12.5 miles).
  • LTU-2 meets all the requirements of ITU G.703 and is compatible with almost all PTT provided E1 services. Surge and line protection circuitry complies with ITU Recommendation K.17.
  • LTU-2 supports up to 45 dB of attenuation at 1024 kbps (half the E1 bit rate). For a 22 AWG cable this represents a maximum distance of 2.2 km to the nearest repeater.
  • Two constant-current built-in DC power supplies of -48 VDC and -72 VDC (strap-selectable) are available for the repeater DC feed. The power feed features current limit protection with simplex line power on the same E1 line. -48 VDC power feed supports up to four RPT-0 units; -72 VDC power feed supports up to seven units.
  • Diagnostic capabilities comply with ITU V.54 and include local analog loopback and remote digital loopback, activated via a front panel switch. The PATT switch activates an internal 511-bit pseudo-random test pattern for complete end-to-end integrity testing. The ERR LED indicates each bit error detected.
  • Front panel jacks allow easy network access for more extensive testing using external test equipment.
  • LTU-2 is available as a desktop unit or as a card for installation in the LTU-MN-114 19" card cage (see Ordering). LTU-MN-114 can accommodate up to 14 cards. An optional rack-mount adapter kit enables installation of one or two standalone units in a 19" rack.


  • Extended dynamic range of up to 2.2 km to the nearest repeater
  • Supports up to -45 dB at 1024 kbps
  • Simplex line power feed for E1 repeaters
  • Complies with ITU G.703
  • V.54 diagnostics
  • V.52 test pattern generator and ERR LED indication
  • Front panel jack access
  • Line protection circuit
  • Surge protection complies with ITU K.17
  • Standalone and rack module version
  • AC or DC powered

E1 Line Termination Unit, standalone with internal power supply

E1 Line Termination Unit, card for the LTU-MN-114 card cage

* Specify power supply:
115 for 115 VAC operation
230 for 230 VAC operation
48 for -48 VDC operation

Hardware for mounting one or two units in a 19" rack.




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