RAD RADview Service Center TDM
Path Management System for MAP

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RAD RADview Service Center
TDM Path Management System for MAP


 "Point-and-click" provisioning from a central workstation for MAP networks
 Automatic path routing, for efficient bandwidth utilization
 Automatic re-route of protected paths
 Dynamic network status indication and alarms
 Powerful simulator mode for network design, optimization and planning
 CORBA-based client-server architecture and northbound CORBA interface
 Easy integration with third-party NMS products via CORBA
RADview Service Center TDM (RV-SC/TDM) application is the cornerstone of the RAD family of network management products. This application enables end-to-end path management of RAD's Multiservice Access Platform (MAP) devices, for simplified service provisioning. Intuitive GUI, "point-and-click" functionality and easy-to-follow wizards increase the efficiency and accuracy of the service provisioning process.


The open, scalable, reliable, multi-access management capabilities enable network operators to add new services while minimizing overall operating costs, reducing provisioning times and maximizing efficiency of the network infrastructure.

Automated service provisioning
RV-SC/TDM supports automatic path routing based on efficient bandwidth resource analysis and user-configurable cost per network uplink. To ensure network resilience, automatic re-route of protected paths is performed upon reception of SNMP alarm traps from managed network elements. Dynamic network status indication and alarms display per node, link and path, allow continuous monitoring and troubleshooting.


RV-SC/TDM uses CORBA-based client-server architecture and a northbound interface, which can be easily integrated with the carrier�s front office and back office systems, and any third- party application.



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