RAD IMXi-4 Intelligent Inverse Multiplexer  

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RAD IMXi-4 Intelligent Inverse Multiplexer


 Low cost transport of broadband traffic
 Saves the cost of conversion equipment
 Higher speeds, extended distance
 More secure data transmissions
Bridge the Gap between E1/T1 and E3/T3 with Ethernet and TDM Intelligent Inverse Multiplexing

Does your LAN or high speed traffic exceed 2 Mbps/1.5 Mbps, yet not justify the cost of an E3/T3 pipe? RAD?s IMXi-4 intelligent inverse multiplexer bridges the gap between E1/T1 and E3/T3, cost-effectively transporting your LAN or high speed data traffic across multiple, low cost TDM E1/T1 or SHDSL links.

Cost-Effective LAN Extension (LAN over WAN)
As broadband communications increase, so does the need for higher WAN bandwidth (above E1/T1 data rates). However, E3/T3 pipes are still very costly. Moreover, they are not always readily available, and are often overkill for the traffic capacity.

Corporate LAN over WAN
RAD?s IMXi-4 enables cost-effective high speed transmissions - such as transparent LAN services (TLS) or any other high speed data stream using V.35, X.21, or RS-530 - over the wide area network (WAN) by splitting the traffic onto multiple E1/T1 or SHDSL links.
Use Your Ethernet-Based Equipment in a TDM Environment
IMXi-4 transfers Ethernet packets transparently, enabling service providers to use their next generation equipment in a TDM environment. And wireless providers can plug their IP-based equipment into the Ethernet uplink of the IMXi-4, for connecting to the Ethernet-based central site over the TDM network. The pure Ethernet payload carried by the IMXi-4 eliminates the need to invest in conversion equipment between Ethernet/IP and TDM.
Ethernet over TDM in a wireless environment
Achieves Higher Data Rates and Longer Distances
IMXi-4 carries your 2 Mbps/1.5 Mbps traffic to distances of up to 6.6 km (4.1 miles) over copper lines, without the need for additional equipment. You benefit from the flexibility of SHDSL, which enables you to increase the distance by adjusting the data rate. Support for SHDSL increases the throughput of four E1/T1 lines to 8.07 Mbps.
Secure Transmissions
Splitting the traffic onto four trunks makes it more difficult to intercept and rebuild the data, effectively increasing the security of the transmission. And since IMXi-4 does not interfere with the content but sends the data transparently, there is no ability to view the actual payload.
Choose your preferred management method
Local and remote IMXi-4 units can be managed by an SNMP CORBA-based network management system, for remote troubleshooting and configuration. The units can also be managed via Telnet or an ASCII terminal through a dedicated timeslot


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