RAD Model Descriptors 5620
Integrating RAD ATM Access Products into Alcatel 5620 NMS 

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RAD Model Descriptors 5620 Integrating RAD ATM Access Products into Alcatel 5620 NMS 


 Allow seamless, integrated management solution for RAD ATM access products by the Alcatel 5620 NMS
 Model Descriptors for ACE-50, ACE-202, ACE-2002, ACE-2002E
 Tested and certified by Alcatel CID laboratory
 Provides both element and network level management capabilities
 Allows complete end-to-end service provisioning and network monitoring from a central location
 Supports complete monitoring and fault management, alarms and traps handling
The growing complexity of service provider networks based on multi-vendor product solutions poses serious challenges to effective network and system management. To overcome these obstacles, network managers must consolidate diverse network management applications under a single network management umbrella.


The Alcatel 5620 NMS open architecture facilitates the integration of multi-vendor devices management. Employing Model Descriptors (MD), it can manage SNMP third-party network elements.


The RAD Model Descriptors feature the following applications:

Navigate - facilitates auto-discovery and maps the node, slot, interface, and connection into the managed object heirarchy

Draw - displays a visual image of the managed device

Configure - provides forms to configure any object attributes in the managed device

Monitor - monitors and reports the status of the managed objects.


The RAD Model Descriptors extend the capabilities of the Alcatel 5620 NMS to manage RAD ATM devices, and provision end-to-end services



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