RAD FOM-6AV High Speed Fiber Optic Modem   

The FOM-6AV, Asynchronous Fiber Optic Modem

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RAD FOM-6AV High Speed Fiber Optic Modem

  • The FOM-6AV, Asynchronous Fiber Optic Modem, is used for local data distribution connecting full or half duplex async DTEs. A pair of modems ensures integrity of data transmission over fiber optic cable at data rates up to 64 kbps.
  • FOM-6AV features switch-selectable DTE/DCE. This allows operation as DTE, for connection to another DCE such as a multiplexer port, eliminating the need for a cross-cable. The carrier can be strapped for either continuous operation or switched operation, controlled by the RTS signal, for transfer of a control signal end-to-end. A LED indicator lights whenever data transmission takes place.
  • Innovative circuitry allows FOM-6AV to operate without connection to the mains supply, by using ultra-low power from the data and control signals. FOM-6AV operates even if only Transmit Data is connected, i.e. no control signals or any other source of power are required.
  • FOM-6AV is furnished in a miniature plastic enclosure.
  • FOM-6AV incorporates all the advantages of a fiber optic system, providing:
    • Lower attenuation than with copper wire;
    • EMI/RFI immunity, saving the cost of expensive and heavy shielding, and complex error checking routines;
    • Almost absolute security and reduction in the cost of data encryption;
    • Eavesdropping is virtually impossible as negligible power is radiated from the fiber;
    • Safety and electrical isolation: no spark hazard and no ground-loop noise problems.


  • Asynchronous transmission up to 64 kbps
  • Full or half duplex
  • Transfers one control signal end-to-end
  • DCE/DTE switch
  • No external power required
  • Plugs directly into V.24/RS-232 DTE connector
  • LED indicator for transmit data
  • Compact, lightweight, easy to install
  • Operates over Multimode or Single mode fibers

Asynchronous Miniature Fiber Optic Modem

* Specify:
F for female 25-pin connector
M for male 25-pin connector
+ Specify:
ST for ST type optical connectors
FC for FC type optical connectors
# Specify:
13 for 1300 nm single mode
(Default is 850 nm multimode)





The FOM-6AV modem ensures secure data transmission over fiber optic cable.


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