RAD LRS-101 Broadband Rack

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RAD LRS-101 Broadband Rack


 Media converter rack for
AMC-101C converter cards
 Holds up to 14 hot-swappable cards
 Two 200W redundant hot-swap load sharing power supplies
 AC or DC input
 Dimensions: 3U high, 19" wide
 LED status indicators for minor and major alarm tests and power supply status
 Supports installation in ETSI and ANSI racks
The LRS-101 broadband rack holds up to 14 AMC-101C cards that provide media conversion for ATM and SDH/SONET at rates of up to 155 Mbps. It is designed to connect equipment in the service provider�s central office (CO), between COs, or in the Last Mile.  

All cards are hot-swappable and therefore can be replaced without interfering with data transmission, minimizing disturbances to customers and the network. 

Each card operates with no connection to adjacent cards. This allows each card to operate with different media and protocols, or at different rates while ensuring the security of each link. The LRS-101 can operate with 200W AC or DC power supplies. Each power supply can support a fully accommodated rack with load balancing and full redundancy to ensure maximum uptime for higher service availability. 

The LRS-101 is 3U high and 19" wide for installation in 19" ETSI and ANSI racks.

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