RAD IMX-6L 6-Channel Inverse Multiplexer for Leased Lines 

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RAD IMX-6L 6-Channel Inverse Multiplexer
for Leased Lines   


  • The IMX-6L inverse multiplexer splits a high speed data channel over two to six 64 kbps channels to support applications such as LAN internetworking and video conferencing.
  • IMX-6L operates with permanent 64 kbps channels such as leased lines. It is intended for use where data transmission above 64 kbps is required, but higher speed lines are either not available or are prohibitively expensive.
  • The inverse multiplexer operates by dividing the bandwidth among the 64 kbps channels. At the remote site, a second inverse multiplexer restores the original signal by combining and synchronizing the channels.
  • During the initial handshaking process, both units measure the delay of each channel. This enables the two units to reconstruct the data after it has been spread across the separate channels to ensure that the data is delivered in the proper order.
  • Operation is in compliance with the BONDING protocol specifications (Modes 1, 2 and 3) for multivendor interoperability. Mode 2 and 3 enable auto-recovery from link failure.
  • IMX-6L offers a large choice of interfaces for the network and data ports:
    - V.24/RS-232 (network ports only)
    - V.35
    - V.36/RS-449
    - RS-530
    - RS-530A
    - X.21
    - G.703 codirectional (network ports only)
  • The differential delay of 512 msec can support two satellite hops.
  • Command driven software offers complete control of configuration, diagnostics, alarms, etc.
  • SNMP over SLIP support is available for most monitoring and configuration functions.
  • IMX-6L can be ordered with two, four or six 64 kbps channels.
  • IMX-6L is a compact 1U high stand-alone unit. It can be mounted in a 19" rack using the optional rack-mount hardware (RM-7/NEW).


  • Transmits a high speed data channel over two to six 64 kbps lines
  • Supports aggregate data rate of up to 384 kbps
  • Supports BONDING 1, 2 and 3 protocol specifications
  • Differential delay of up to 512 msec
  • Setup and control via supervisory port
  • Supports applications for:
    - LAN internetworking
    - Video conferencing
    - Channel connection
  • Also supports G.703 codirectional network interface
  • SNMP support using SLIP protocol
  • Software download via Xmodem protocol

2-port Inverse Multiplexer for 64 kbps Leased Lines (includes one data port)

4-port Inverse Multiplexer for 64 kbps Leased Lines (includes one data port)

6-port Inverse Multiplexer for 64 kbps
Leased Lines (includes one data port)

Specify data port interface
(26-pin female connector):
V35 for V.35 interface
V36 for V.36/RS-449
530 for RS-530
530A for RS-530A
X.21 for X.21
# Specify network port interfaces
(26-pin female connectors):
V24 for V.24/RS-232
V35 for V.35
V36 for V.36/RS-449
530 for RS-530
530A for RS-530A
X21 for X.21
G703 for G.703 codirectional
(RJ-45 connector)

All data and network port interfaces (except G.703) use a 26-pin high density D-type, female connector. The following cables convert the 26-pin connector to other physical interfaces. Cable length is 2 meters.


a Specify physical interface:
V24 for V.24/RS-232, 25-pin
V35 for V.35, 34-pin
V36 for V.36/RS-449, 37-pin
530 for RS-530, 25-pin
SCS26 for RS-530A, 26-pin
X21 for X.21, 15-pin
b Specify connector type:
F for female connector
M for male connector

Hardware for mounting one or two stand-alone units in a 19" rack





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