RAD TinyRouter, TinyRouter-4W Miniature
Wire-Speed IP Routers and Extenders

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RAD TinyRouter, TinyRouter-4W Miniature
Wire-Speed IP Routers and Extenders


  • TinyRouter is a high performance, miniature IP router. It is based on RAD's unique IP router chip, the ChipRouter, and therefore operates with minimal software. Its small size and low cost make it ideal for cost-sensitive routing applications. It requires only one software parameter to be configured making it a plug and play device.
  • TinyRouter works by taking each Ethernet frame from the LAN and determining whether the IP packet is destined for the IP net on the Ethernet LAN. If not, TinyRouter forwards the packet to the WAN link. IP packets received from the WAN are automatically forwarded to the LAN if the IP net matches.
  • TinyRouter includes hardware filters which handle all filtering operations at wire speed from both LAN-to-WAN and WAN-to-LAN, without dropping a single packet. Filtering and forwarding are performed at the maximum rate of 35,000 and 30,000 frames per second (wire speed), respectively. The buffer can hold 256 1534-byte frames with a throughput latency of one frame.
  • TinyRouter is available with 10Base5 (AUI) or 10BaseT (UTP) interfaces and is fully
    IEEE 802.3 / Ethernet v2 compliant. The 10BaseT interface can also operate in full duplex Ethernet applications.
  • A choice of WAN interfaces is available, including V.24, V.35, V.36, X.21, RS-530, fiber optic or internal 4-wire modem. In the case of electrical WAN interfaces, the TinyRouter acts as a DTE device to the WAN. The integral 4-wire interface allows wire speed routing over copper cabling in the campus, up to distances of 1300m/4265 ft depending on cable type (see Figure 3).
    The integral fiber optic interface allows
    wire-speed IP routing over fiber up to 36 km/22.5 miles (see Figure 3).
    The WAN interface operates transparently in simplex, half duplex or full duplex modes. Variable link speeds up to 10 Mbps are supported transparently. The link speed may be adjusted "on-the-fly" without any effect on the TinyRouter. In addition, the TinyRouter provides hardware based traffic throughput control at user configured speeds of 64 kbps, 128 kbps, 512 kbps, 1 Mbps and 10 Mbps. TinyRouter can operate with asymmetrical Tx and Rx speeds.
  • TinyRouter can be used as a Frame Relay Access Device (FRAD) with an integral IP router. RFC 1490 is supported for a single DLCI on the WAN link. Auto-discovery of the DLCI and the maintenance protocol is performed automatically. This allows the TinyRouter to be used as the termination unit of IP services over Frame Relay at the customer premises, opposite a Frame Relay switch in the backbone. Alternatively,
    Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) can be run on the WAN link with automatic negotiation on power-up, as well as support for PAP and CHAP authentication. With this feature, TinyRouter can operate opposite any PPP compliant access server or backbone router (see Figure 1). TinyRouter supports HDLC, which is especially important for broadcast and multicast applications, where bandwidth overhead is critical (see Figure 2).
  • TinyRouter supports IP multicast at wire speed, making it suitable for any multicast environment including high-speed downstream environments, such as satellite and xDSL. Users on the LAN can register with the TinyRouter for an IP multicast group using the IGMP, protocol that then filters IP multicast packets at wire-speed.
  • Management and advanced configuration is achieved using Telnet and the SNMP agent provided on the TinyRouter


  • High performance IP router
  • Based on RAD's unique ChipRouter
  • Hardware based operation
  • Single parameter configuration
  • Fully compatible with IEEE 802.3 / Ethernet V.2
  • 10BaseT or AUI LAN interfaces
  • Supports full and half duplex Ethernet applications
  • Link interfaces: V.24, V.35, V.36, RS-530, X.21; internal fiber optic or 4-wire modems
  • Transparent simplex, half duplex and full duplex on the WAN interface
  • WAN link rate up to 10 Mbps sync
  • Frame Relay (RFC 1490), PPP and HDLC support
  • Throttling (shaping) of traffic throughput
  • 35,000 pps forwarding; 30,000 pps filtering
  • 256 1534-byte frame buffers
  • Bi-directional wire speed filtering
  • IP multicast and LAN based IGMP support
  • Telnet and SNMP MIB support

Miniature wire-speed IP router

$ Specify LAN interface:
A for AUI
U for UTP
* Specify WAN interface:
V24 for V.24/RS-232
V35F for V.35 (female adapter cable supplied)
V35M for V.35 (male adapter cable supplied)
V36F for V.36 (female adapter cable supplied)
V36M for V.36 (male adapter cable supplied)
530 for RS-530
X21F for X.21 (female adapter cable supplied)
X21M for X.21 (male adapter cable supplied)
4W for integral 4-wire modem interface
ST85 for 850 nm multimode ST connector
ST13 for 1300 nm single mode ST connector
ST13L for 1300 nm laser single mode ST connector
FC85 for 850 nm multimode FC connector
FC13 for 1300 nm single mode FC connector
FC13L for 1300 nm laser single mode FC connector
SC13L for 1300 nm laser SC connector
Specify AC for 90-264 VAC switching power supply with integral AC connector (may be ordered separately as P/S-AC/12/800/R)






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