RAD RADview Service Center
TDMoIP Service Management Application for TDM over IP

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RAD RADview Service Center TDMoIP
Service Management Application for TDM over IP


Automatic node and configuration discovery
 Service association to network hierarchy level for ease of control and fault isolation
 "Point-and-click" provisioning from a central workstation
 Open system design based on client- server architecture and CORBA APIs
 Java-based application enables platform independence (Windows or UNIX)
 Maintenance of configuration parameters in database allows for immediate reactivation of deactivated circuits
 User-friendly, intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)
The RADview Service Center TDMoIP (RV-SC/TDMoIP) application is a powerful tool for provisioning and monitoring TDM over IP (TDMoIP) gateways, using SNMP management. The intuitive GUI interface, "point-and-click" functionality and easy-to-follow wizards increase the efficiency and accuracy of the service provisioning process.


RV-SC/TDMoIP includes an element management and performance analysis tool for monitoring the status, configuration and resource availability of the TDMoIP gateways.


The application is based on an open, Java-based client-server architecture. Using CORBA-based APIs, the server application can be easily integrated with the carrier�s front office and back office systems (any third-party application).

Automated service provisioning
RV-SC/TDMoIP application performs automatic provisioning and deployment of the TDMoIP gateways at their respective sites. It supports two types of services: regular service, which consists of a hierarchy of central and branch sites; and mesh service, enabling any-to-any connections between sites.


The ability to perform automated service provisioning from a central site, rather than manual provisioning in the field, improves time-to-market, reduces the number of required on-site visits and lowers customer support costs.


RV-SC/TDMoIP detects all TDMoIP gateways installed on the specified sub-network, performs site association and defines circuits between TDMoIP gateways at associated sites. The application automatically generates a suggested configuration based on the parameters entered by the network manager.


Several intelligent termination options are provided for deactivating, disconnecting and removing circuits. Since the configuration information for a deactivated circuit remains in the RV-SC/TDMoIP database, the circuit can be reactivated with a single mouse click.



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