RAD FCD-IPD Dual E1 Router

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RAD FCD-IPD Dual E1 Router


The FCD-IPD™ Dual E1 Router provides cost-effective central management of ADMs and other SDH equipment, such as switches and multiplexers, in large, multi-node, multi-vendor SDH networks. It also provides a shared LAN connection in corporate and utility environments


Cost-Effective Management of Large Networks

The FCD-IPD router manages the SDH network by creating an IP ring on top of the network and uses full E1 (2 Mbps) bandwidth as a shared IP trunk. This enables the FCD-IPD to manage up to 100 nodes, as compared to 30 nodes that can be managed by other out-of-band solutions that drop-and-insert one 64 kbps timeslot at each node. It also eliminates the need to deploy an expensive channelized router at the central site for assigning the appropriate timeslot to each node.

Faster Downloads

By statistically and dynamically allocating a full 2 Mbps to each node, the FCD-IPD router provides very fast downloads of configuration files. It can download a 2 MB file in eight seconds, as opposed to a DCC solution, which requires 86 seconds, and assigning a dedicated timeslot to each node, which requires 256 seconds.

Reliable Multi-Vendor Support

The FCD-IPD can manage and configure any third-party equipment at each node, including ADMs, multiplexers and switches, whereas in-band DCC management is limited to single-vendor networks. The device also assures uninterrupted management. If an E1 link fails, the IP ring is protected at both the SDH and Layer 3 (IP) levels.




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