RAD SLIM-TAU Trunk Access Units 

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RAD SLIM-TAU Trunk Access Units 


The SLIM-TAU, Trunk Access Unit, provides physical and electrical connection between workstations and the Token Ring network. Functioning as a wiring concentrator, it offers star-shaped ring topology for eight users. For networks larger than eight users, several SLIM-TAUs can be linked together, by connecting Ring In/Ring Out expansion ports.

Insert and bypass functions are provided within the unit. Insertion of a workstation into the ring can be initiated at any time by simply inserting the data connector. Bypassing of a workstation is carried out automatically when a data connector is deinserted from the unit, or when a workstation is inactive.

The SLIM-TAU is available with IBM data connectors for use in an IBM cabling system environment, unshielded RJ-45 modular jacks for use with UTP, or shielded RJ-45 modular jacks for use with STP. (See Ordering.)

Each lobe is equipped with a status LED indicator which lights when a station is inserted into the ring, simplifying diagnostics and troubleshooting. A global RESET push button, with a reset confirmation LED indicator, resets all lobes, eliminating the need for an additional setup tool. The reset circuitry is operated by a lithium battery accessible from the back panel.

The SLIM-TAU operates without external power. The unit is exceptionally compact and lightweight, measuring only 1U (1.75 in) in height and 2.5 cm (1 in) in depth.


  • Compatible with IBM Token Ring
  • Supports 8 workstations at 4 or 16 Mbps
  • Complies with IEEE 802.5 standard
  • No external power required
  • Slim design, 1U high and only 1 inch deep
  • Integrated status LED indicators
  • Global reset for all lobes (setup tool not required)
  • IBM data connectors or shielded/unshielded RJ-45 modular jacks

Slim Trunk Access Unit

+ Specify connectors:
IDC for IBM data connector
RJU for unshielded RJ-45 jack (UTP)
RJS for shielded RJ-45 jack (STP)

Replacement battery (for the reset circuit)





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