RAD PRBm-20 Signaling Monitoring Solution

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RAD PRBm-20 Signaling Monitoring Solution


Cost-effective signaling monitoring:
- grooms the signaling information over a minimum number of links
- reduces the number of protocol analyzers needed
 Smallest solution on the market (half-19", 1U high chassis)
 Integrates with any existing signaling monitoring system
 Direct grooming of any timeslot
 Flexible ? can extract different timeslots
 Wide variety of management options, from ASCII terminal to NMS
RAD?s PRBm-20 probe is a cost-effective method for centralizing network management and reducing traffic monitoring costs. Rather than installing expensive analyzers at small and medium-sized locations or sending management information from each E1/T1 line over a separate link, the PRBm-20 concentrates up to 31 signaling timeslots and sends them to a central protocol analyzer over a fully utilized link.


The PRBm-20 reduces the cost of ownership of advanced, revenue-generating services such as SMS messaging, instant messaging, call forwarding, voicemail and international roaming by collecting signaling timeslots from many leased lines and grooming them over a full link to the protocol analyzer at the central site. The analyzer then reads the signals that identify each user, checks the user profile and activates the appropriate response.

Reduces Leased Line Costs
The PRBm-20 extracts the signaling timeslots from up to eight links and grooms them onto one E1/T1 or fractional E1/T1 output line. By extracting any of the signaling timeslots from the tr affic, the PRBm-20 reduces the number of lines required to connect to the protocol analyzer.
Improves Network Performance
Service providers use the data from the signaling timeslots to monitor the quality of the connection and to detect network faults. PRBm-20 costeffectively transports signaling information, enabling the service provider to assure Quality of Service (QoS) at a competitive price.
Complementary Solution
The PRBm-20 can be used to expand any existing monitoring method. It seamlessly integrates with any T-connector or patch panel used to divert the E1/T1 timeslots, and with any standards-based protocol analyzer. The PRBm-20 non-modular, standalone, E1/T1 probe is the latest, low-end addition to RAD?s signaling monitoring solutions. RAD offers a range of signaling monitoring devices, transporting signaling timeslots from links at speeds of up to STM-1 fiber optic links


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