RAD ASMi-450 High Speed 2-Wire HDSL Extended Range Modem

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ASMi-450 HDSL High Speed Modem with Management

RAD ASMi-450 High Speed 2-Wire HDSL Extended Range Modem

  • The ASMi-450 high speed HDSL modem transmits high-speed data over 2-wire lines using HDSL technology. It operates synchronously full duplex at data rates up to 1152 kbps, and is suitable for local loop and campus point-to- point applications.
  • The ASMi-450 provides reliable performance over poor quality and noisy lines. The HDSL line interface includes: adaptive equalizer, filtering, echo cancellation and 2B1Q line code. The line interface is designed in accordance with relevant ANSI and ETSI standards.
  • The ASMi-450 is available in two versions for optimized performance at different data rates (see Ordering):
    • ASMi-450/768
      for n x 64 up to 768 kbps (5.7 km)
    • ASMi-450/1152
      for n x 64 up to 1152 kbps (4.5 km)
  • The ASMi-450 digital interface options include V.35, V.36, X.21 and RS-530 (see Ordering).
  • Three selectable transmit timing modes are available:
    • Internal, using an internal clock
    • External, derived from the attached digital interface, or
    • Receive timing derived from the received signal of the HDSL line.
  • Monitoring, control and diagnostics of local and remote units are available via the front panel LCD display, or via the supervisory port.

    Configuration, control and diagnostics of the remote ASMi-450 unit are available via the on-line operation channel. This channel enables real time control and diagnostics of the remote unit.

  • The ASMi-450 contains an SNMP agent which can be managed from the RADView-HPOV station either as a stand-alone or when accomodated in the LRS-12 rack.
  • The ASMi-450 features diagnostic capabilities to perform local analog loopback and remote digital loopbacks. The loops can be manually activated from the front panel or via control signals from the interface connector.
  • The unit is available as a stand-alone unit or as a card for the LRS-12 19" rack. The rack can carry up to 12 ASMi-450C cards.

    Optional rackmount hardware is also available for mounting one or two stand-alone units in a 19" rack.


  • High-speed data transmission range over 2-wire lines
  • HDSL technology for extended range
  • Selectable data rates up to 1152 kbps
  • Range up to:
    5.7 km at 768 kbps,
    4.7 km at 1152 kbps,
    over 24 gauge wire
  • Reliable performance over poor/noisy lines
  • Digital interfaces: V.35, V.36/RS-449, X.21 or RS-530
  • In-band channel for remote control, monitoring and diagnostics
  • Monitoring, control and diagnostics via front panel or supervisory port


High Speed Modem stand-alone unit

High Speed Modem card for the
LRS-12 19" rack

* Specify supply voltage:
115 for 115 VAC
230 for 230 VAC
48 for -48 VDC
# Specify data rate:
768 for rates up to 768 kbps
1152 for rates up to 1152 kbps
& Specify interface:
V35 for V.35
V36 for V.36/RS-449
X21 for X.21
530 for RS-530

Special hardware for mounting one or two ASMi-450 units in a 19" rack




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