RAD CVS Compressed Voice System

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RAD CVS Compressed Voice System

RAD CVS Compressed Voice System

Compressed Voice System

CVS Squeezes 360 Voice Channels over a Single E1 Link, 288 over a Single T1 Link

Increased competition in the public telephony and leased line markets has led to reduced leased line and telephony rates for corporate customers, as well as the introduction of value-added services. This, in turn, has created the need for reductions in infrastructure and operating costs, by both the incumbent operators and the alternative carriers.

RAD?s CVS? (Compressed Voice System) offers a competitive solution for carriers by maximizing bandwidth utilization while providing high quality, efficient and cost-effective voice/fax services. By compressing 360 voice channels over an E1 line and 288 over a T1 line, CVS increases line capacity by up to 12 times and saves 90% of leased line costs.


Maximizes Bandwidth with Minimal Initial Investment

CVS enables carriers and service providers to generate more income from specialized voice services without extensive investment, and its modular design allows the system to expand in tandem with growth in service demand. The system is based on RAD?s Megaplex-2100? and Kilomux-2100? multiplexers, which integrate voice, fax, data and LAN traffic over copper, fiber, satellite and other wireless services. The devices implement ITU standard G.723.1 voice compression technology to provide toll quality voice at data rates as low as 6.4 kbps and high quality voice at data rates as low as 4.8 kbps (12:1 compression), even as the amount of traffic increases. RADview? central SNMP management provides complete system monitoring and control.



RAD CVS Compressed Voice System


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