RAD LA-140 Advanced ATM Integrated Access Device

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RAD LA-140 Advanced ATM Integrated Access Device


Generates additional revenues with affordable services for SMEs
 Maximizes use of existing ATM infrastructure and DSLAM deployment
 Offers leased line or VoDSL services with ATM QoS
 Enables Frame Relay and IP services over ATM networks
 xDSL increases data rate and range
 Supports fast LAN applications up to 9.2 Mbps
 IMA over SHDSL or E1/T1 uplink
 10/100BaseT port
 Compact, desktop/wall-mount 1U high unit

LA-104 High Speed ATM Integrated Access Device
RAD's LA-140 leverages existing copper and ATM infrastructures to provide broadband data and voice convergence over DSL.

RAD?s Link Access (LA) family of ATM Integrated Access Devices (IADs) enables carriers to deliver multiple services, such as voice, LAN and data, to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) over a DSL access line. Carriers use the existing ATM netw ork and DSLAMs to supply these converged services. This improves network utilization and eliminates the need to invest in new infrastructure, thereby achieving increased profitability. Based on ATM, the IADs guarantee Quality of Service and end-to-end management up to the customer premises.

Leased Lines over ATM (LLoATM) ? Employing AAL1 constant bit rate (CBR) traffic enables the IADs to support Quality of Service (QoS) with reliability for mission-critical applications, end-to-end across the network. This provides leased line services at a fraction of the cost of leasing E1/T1 lines. E1/T1 or serial data interfaces support any type of user interface and guarantee the same Quality of Service as TDM-based leased line services. Enterprises requiring fat ATM pipes at headquarters can build a network combining lower speed DSL at branch offices and higher speed ATM service at the main office using ATM NTUs (such as RAD?s ACE ATM access units). With support for structured data, the carriers can build a network with smooth migration from SDH to ATM backbones.

VoDSL - By supporting voice over DSL per the Loop Emulation Service (LES) standard, the Link Access IADs enable carriers to deli ver toll quality voice and data services over the ATM backbone. They support FXS or ISDN BRI ports or a single PRI port over ATM using AAL2. They work together with existing telephone equipment including fax machines, modems and analog telephones. The user continues to recei ve Class 5 services such as caller ID and call waiting.G.726 voice compression with VAD increases the amount of band width that can be used for data traffic.

Frame Relay ? Support for Frame Relay interworking (FRF.5) and service interworking (FRF.8) over ATM using AAL5 allows business users to upgrade their services without large investments. Carriers can migrate their customers? services to the ATM network with its guaranteed bandwidth capabilities while preserving the existing Frame Relay architecture.

IP Functionality

LA units incorporate a fully featured, built-in IP router or bridge. The integrated IP router saves the costs of an external router and provides an excellent solution for LAN-to-LAN or Internet access services. NAT functionality allows multiple users to share a single public IP address. Additionally, the LA-110 has an integrated firewall and supports VLAN tagging.

Network Management Reduces Expenses

The IADs feature superior management capabilities through a local terminal, Web-based interface or remotely by using Web-based Telnet or SNMP netw ork. RADview SNMP management softw are supports large netw orks in a simplified way. Comprehensive diagnostics and statistics allo w full control and monitoring of the units, resulting in reduced operational and maintenance costs.

ATM Quality of Service (QoS) Ensures End-to-End ControlLink Access

IADs provide ATM QoS so the carrier can deliver all voice and data services with QoS guarantees. Traffic shaping per VC secures the priority of critical applications. Operation, administration and maintenance (OAM) cells provide complete end-toend control of the network. They enable fault notification and performance and connectivity monitoring, including delay measurement.

Easy Installation and Operation Reduces Operating Expenses

Plug-and-play units facilitate installation. Simple software and configuration upgrades enable the communications service to grow together with the customer?s business, without the need for new hardware.



Modular ATM IAD

$ Specify power supply:

AC for 100 to 240 VAC

* Specify:

EC for echo cancellation support


LA-140 module

# Specify interface type:

ADSLA for ADSL Annex A

ADSLB for ADSL Annex B



E1 for E1 interface

T1 for T1 interface

ISDN/NT for four ISDN S0 NT

ports module

ISDN/TE for four ISDN S0 TE

ports module

FXS for four FXS ports module

FXS/B for four FXS ports module

with backup

Specify serial data interface

V35 for V.35 interface

V36 for V.36 interface

X21 for X.21 interface

RS530 for RS-530 interface

Note: To order a serial data interface, you must

also specify an ADSLA, ADSLB, SHDSL, SDSL

or E1 interface type.

EC can be ordered only when using ISDN.

VC includes EC.

Data ports are SW selectable, and provided

with an adapter cable to the specific connector

type (V.35, X.21, etc.). For greater flexibility,

the various cables can be ordered separately,

to convert the LA-140 data port to different

connector types:

CBL-530/V35/F for V.35 female connector

CBL-HS2/X/1/F/J for X.21 female connector

CBL-530/449/F for V.36 female connector



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