RAD FCD-IP E1/T1 or Fractional E1/T1 Access Unit with Integrated Router 

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FCD-E1I   E1 or Fractional E1 Access Unit

RAD FCD-IP E1/T1 or Fractional E1/T1 Access Unit with Integrated Router 

  • FCD-IP is an E1/T1 or fractional E1/T1 Integrated Access Device (IAD), which enables service providers to bundle voice and Internet access services over a single E1 or T1 access line (See Figure 1).
  • The FCD-IP is also ideal for management applications in cellular or SDH environments (See Figures 2 and 3).
  • Supported WAN services are:
    • T1 or fractional T1 CSU/DSU operating at up to 1.544 Mbps
    • E1 or Fractional E1, with or without LTU, operating at up to 2.048 Mbps
    • E1 or T1 over fiber optic links
    • Frame Relay with auto-learn of DLCI and maintenance protocol
    • ISDN BRI (U or S interface) for data services backup.
  • An integrated router supports IP/IPX routing and transparent bridging.
  • Internet access capabilities are enhanced through:
    • IP Service Access authentication that is provided by PAP/CHAP
    • Solid Firewall that protects an office LAN from undesired entry from the Internet
    • NAT that allows the sharing of several legal IP addresses between the various LAN users
    • Single IP address translation feature that allows a small or medium office LAN to connect to the Internet using a single dynamically or statically allocated IP address
    • DHCP server that allows the sharing of IP address pools between DHCP clients on the LAN.
  • The sub-E1/T1 or quad analog voice drop & insert ports provide toll-quality voice transmission.
  • The fail-safe bypass of the sub-E1/T1 link ensures the continuity of voice services in case of power supply failures.
  • ISDN or dial backup ensure the continuity of data services.
  • An optional data port can be utilized either as a second serial router port or as a transparent nx64, nx56 data port for legacy equipment connectivity.
  • Configuration is easily accomplished through a quick setup menu using a terminal attached to the control port or by Telnet access into the device over the LAN/WAN.
  • FCD-IP features a variety of inband and out-of-band management options. These options include dedicated time slot, dedicated DLCI and dial-in connectivity.
  • The SNMP agent provides management by RADview or any other standard SNMP management station.
  • Undesired access to the FCD-IP via Telnet or SNMP can be blocked or password protected.
  • The dual-level management authentication allows the user an access to router configuration parameters, while restricting the user access to network configuration parameters.
  • Software download is available via the control port using XMODEM and via LAN/WAN using TFTP.
  • Parameter file download and upload is available via LAN or WAN using TFTP.



  • E1/T1 Integrated Access Device (IAD) for Internet/Intranet and voice connectivity
  • IP/IPX routing and bridging
  • Supports Frame Relay, PPP and MLPPP
  • 1 or 2 Ethernet ports
  • Digital and analog voice interfaces
  • Optional second data port (Transparent n x 64/56 or serial router port)
  • Optional dial-up or integrated ISDN backup
  • PAP/CHAP authentication
  • Solid Firewall protection
  • NAT and Single IP address translation
  • DHCP server
  • Quick setup and configuration
  • Inband and out-of-band remote management
  • SNMP and Telnet support
  • Dual management authorization levels (carrier/user)
  • FLASH memory for software and parameter file downloading
  • Remote software and parameter file download


  • Integral E1 with or without LTU
  • Optional sub-E1 drop & insert port for PABX connectivity
  • Fail-safe bypass for the sub-E1 link
  • Optional fiber optic uplink


  • Integral T1 CSU/DSU
  • Optional sub-T1 drop & insert port for PABX connectivity
  • Fail-safe bypass for the sub-T1 link
  • Optional fiber optic uplink


  • Supports four analog channels
  • PCM encoded, A-Law or -Law
  • Supports three interface options:
    • 2-wire FXS
    • 2 wire FXO
    • 4-wire or 2-wire E&M

E1/T1 integrated access device

~ Specify optional DC power supply:
DC for 24/48 VDC
$ Specify primary WAN interface:
E1/# for E1 or fractional E1 with optional second data port
T1/# for T1 or fractional T1 with optional second data port
E1/?!/# for E1 or fractional E1 with built-in fiber optic modem and optional second data port
T1/?!/# for T1 or fractional T1 with built-in fiber optic modem and optional second data port
# Specify optional second WAN interface:
V24T for V.24/RS-232 (DTE)
V24C for V.24/RS-232 (DCE)
V35T for V.35 (DTE)
V35C for V.35 (DCE)
530T for RS-530 (DTE)
530C for RS-530 (DCE)
V36T for V.36/RS-422/RS-449 (DTE)
V36C for V.36/RS-422/RS-449 (DCE)
X21T for X.21 (DTE)
X21C for X.21 (DCE)
? Specify fiber optic connector:
ST for ST connector
FC for FC/PC connector
SC for SC connector
! Specify wavelength and type:
85 for 850 nm, multimode
13 for 1300 nm, single mode
13L for 1300 nm, single mode laser
15L for 1550 nm, single mode laser
+ Specify LAN interface:
B for 10Base2 (BNC)
U for 10BaseT (UTP)
2B for 2x10Base2 (BNC)
2U for 2x10BaseT (UTP)
* Specify optional sub-E1/T1, analog voice or ISDN back-up interfaces for E1/T1:
S for sub-E1/T1
FXS for 4 FXS voice channels
FXO for 4 FXO voice channels
E&M for 4 E&M voice channels
IBE for ISDN "S" interface
IBU for ISDN "U" interface


1. The second WAN option is not available when configuring E1/T1 with an ISDN backup.

2. The dual LAN configuration is not available when configuring E1/T1 with an ISDN backup.






    Figure 1 - Bundled Services


    Figure 2 - Management Application in a Cellular Environment


    Figure 3 - Management Application in a SDH Environmen



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