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Patton Electronics Products

 IM Series QuikConnect™ Interface Modules

 1000 Self-Powered, Asynchronous, Short-Range Modem

 1000R Self-Powered, Asynchronous, Short-Range Modem, Modular (EIA/TIA-561)

 1000RC Rack Card Incorporating Two  1000 Short-Range Modems

 1001 Telco Rack System High Density Rack System for Universal Access

 1001MP16 Universal Mounting Panel

 1002 Self-Powered, Asynchcronous Short-Range Modem, 2-Wire or Coax

 1003 Self-Powered, Asynchronous, 2-Wire, Carrier-Sensing, Short-Range Modem

 1004A Self-Powered, High Speed, Multipoint Modem

 1005 & 1006 Self-Powered, Asynchronous, Carrier-Sensing, Short-Range Modems

 1008 Self-Powered, High Speed, Multipoint, DB-9, Short-Haul Modem

 1009, 1015, 1016, and 1019 Self-Powered, Asynchronous, DB-9 & DB-15, Short-Range Modems

 1010B Self-Powered, High Speed, Transformer-Isolated, Short-Range Modem (DB25 to Terminal Block, RJ-11, or RJ-45)

 1010R Self-Powered, High Speed, Transformer-Isolated, Short-Range Modem (RJ-11 to RJ-11)

 1010R16 General-Purpose, 16-Card, Front-Loading Rack

 1012A Self-Powered, Carrier-Controlled, Transformer-Isolated, Short-Range Modem

 1012B Self-Powered, Carrier-Controlled, Transformer-Isolated, Short Range Modem (Replaces 1012A)

 1012AR Self-Powered, Carrier Controlled, Transformer-Isolated, Short-Range Modem (RJ-11 to RJ-11)

 1018 Self-Powered, Asynchronous, Short-Range Modem with Extra Controls (SLIP/PPP)

 1020 & 1025 Self-Powered, Synchronous, Short-Range Modems

 1030 Self-Powered, Synchronous, Carrier-Controlled, Short-Range Modem

 1035 Self-Powered, High Speed, Synchronous, Short-Range Modem (RS-232 & RS-530)

 1040 Self-Powered, Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous, Short-Range Modem

 1045 KiloModem™, AC Powered, High Speed, Short-Range Modem (RS-232 & RS-530)

 1050 AC Powered, Asynchronous, Short-Range Modem (up to 38.4 kbps)

 1052AS RS-232 Serial Extender

 1053AS High Speed Serial Extender

 1058 VDSL High Speed Data & Voice Modem

 1060 AC Powered, Asynchronous, Short-Range Modem (up to 115.2 kbps)

 1065 Series AC Sync& Async, Industrial, Short-Range, Baseband Modems (Environmentally Enhanced)

 1068 Variable Rate VDSL Modems

 1070 AC Powered, Synchronous, Short-Range Modem (Opto-Isolated)

 1075 KiloModem II™, AC Powered, Synchronous, X.21, Short-Range Modem

 1080A AC Powered, Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous, Short-Range Modem

 1082 Series iDSL Modems With V.35, X.21, 10Base-T (Ethernet), or Co-directional 64 kbps G.703 Interfaces

 1084 AC Powered, 2-wire/4-wire, High Speed, Multipoint, Baseband Modem

 1088 2.304-Mbps mDSL Modem with Extended Ranges

 1089 1.152-Mbps HDSL Modem Over 2 Wires

 1090 4-Wire Baseband Modem

 1092A KiloModem™, 2B1Q Encoding, 2- or 4-Wire, Baseband Modem 

 1093 & 1094 KiloModem-512™, 4-Wire, High Speed, Baseband Modems

 1094A NetLink™, 1.152-Mbps, HDSL Modem

 1094ARC NetLink™, 1.152-Mbps, Rack-Mounted, HDSL Modem

 1095 NetLink™, 2-Mbps, 2-Wire, mDSL Modem

 1104 RS-485 Fiber Converter

 1110A Miniature, Asynchronous, Fiber Optic Modem

 1140A Miniature Fiber Optic Modem with V.54 Diagnostics

 1186 NetLink™, Multi-Mode Fiber Modem for G.703 Extension

 1193 NetLink™, Single-Mode Fiber Modem for G.703 Extension

 1200 & 1201 Synchronous Modem Eliminators

 1200P Powered, Synchronous, V.24, Modem Eliminator

 1202 & 1203 High Speed, Synchronous, Modem Eliminators

 1205 V.35, Synchronous, Modem Eliminator

 1205P & 1205PRC Powered, V.35, Modem Eliminator & Rack Card

 1206 X.21, Synchronous Modem Eliminator

 1206P & 1206PRC Powered, X.21, Modem Eliminator & Rack Card

 1225 ParaLink Self-Powered, Parallel, Line Driver

 1226 AC Powered, Parallel, Short-Range Modem

 2-15 DB-15 Gender Changers

 2-25 DB-25 Gender Changer

 2-9 DB-9 Gender Changers

 2010 & 2011 RS-232, Asynchronous to Synchronous Converters

 2012 Powered, Asynchronous to Synchronous Converter

 2014 Passive, RS-530 to V.35 Converter 

 2015 Passive, RS-449 to V.35 Converter 

 2016 Mini, X.21 to V.35 Converter

 2017RC DTE, RS-232 to 20 mA Current Loop, Interface Converter Rack Card

 2018 RS-232 to 20mA Current Loop Converter (DB-25 to DB-25)

 2020 Series Passive RS-232 to V.35 Converters

 2020P & 2020PRC Powered RS-232 to V.35 Converter & Rack Card

 2021 RS-232 to X.21 Interface Converter

 2021P Powered, RS-232 to X.21 Converter

 2022 RS-232 to RS-422/449 (V.36) Interface Converter

 2025 & 2029 Auto-Directional, Serial to Parallel Converters

 2026 & 2027 Self-Contained, Serial to Parallel Converters

 2030 RS-232/423 (Serial) to IEEE-1284 (Bi-Directional Parallel) Converter

 2035 & 2039 High Speed, Auto-Directional , Serial to Parallel Converters

 2040 V.35 to HSSI (High Speed Serial Interface) Converter

 2065RC & 2066RC RS-232/V.35 to X.21 Converter Rack Cards

 2070 Co-Directional G.703 Converters

 2073 G.703/64-kbps Interface Converter

 2073RC 64 kbps/G.703 Access Converter

 2085 Interface Powered, RS-232 to RS-485 Interface Converter (with Handshaking)

 2089 Interface Powered, RS-232 (EIA-574) to RS-485 Interface Converter (with Handshaking)

 2094 Micro, V.35 to G.704 (E1) Converter Supports nx64 rates

 2111 & 2112 LAN-Xtend™ Campus Bridges

 2120 Single Port Terminal Server

 2121, 2124, 2130, 2135, and 2135C Ethernet MicroBridges (X.21, RS-232, RS-530, & V.35)

 2151 16.67 Mbps Ethernet Extender

 2155  144-kbps Ethernet Extender

 2156  2.3-Mbps Ethernet Extender

 2157  4.6-Mbps Ethernet Extender with Auto-Rate Adaptation

 2158  12.5-Mbps Ethernet Extender

 2160 45 Mbps Ethernet Extender

 2168  16.67-Mbps Multi-Rate Ethernet Extender

 2172  High Speed 50 Mbps Ethernet Extender

 2173 100 Mbps Ethernet Extender

 2192/USB USB V.92/56-kbps Dial-up Modem

 2200 4- or 16-Mbps Token-Ring Media Filter (Balun)

 2211 EtherBITS Wireless RS-232 Serial Device Server

 2232 EtherBITS RS-232 Serial Device Server

 2285 EtherBITS Universal Serial Device Server RS-232/422/485

 222N Series Interface Powered, RS-232 to RS-422 Converters (Transmit & Receive Data Only)

 2300M & 2300S Series OpticLink  2300 Multimode & Single Mode Media Converters

 2400 MicroLink™ CSU/DSU

 2450 MiniLink™ 56/64-kbps CSU/DSU

 2500 DigiLink I™, Dedicated, All-Rate CSU/DSU

 2510 DigiLink II™ Switched-56 CSU/DSU

 2520 DigiLink III™ Switched-56 and Dedicated CSU/DSU

 2530 DigiLink V™, Dedicated, All-Rate CSU/DSU

 2603, 2621, & 2635 IPLink Gateway Routers

 2604 4-Port DACS

 2701 G.703/G.704 Network Termination Unit (NTU)

 2701RC G.703/G.704 Network Termination Unit (NTU)

 2702 Micro-Pak™, 2-Mbps G.703 Access Converter

 2703 MegaLink-I™, 2-Mbps G.703 Access Converter

 2707 Lowest Cost G.703 Network Termination Unit (NTU)

 2710 T1 / FT1 to V.35 Interface Converter/CSU/DSU with Control Port

 2710RC T1 / FT1, High Density, Low Cost, CSU/DSU Rack Card

 2711 T1 / FT1 to V.35 Interface Converter/CSU/DSU

 2715 E1/FE1 Network Termination Unit (NTU)

 2715RC G.703/G.704 Network Termination Unit (NTU)

 2720 Compact, T1 / FT1, High Density, Low Cost CSU/DSU

 2800 Series Remote Access Servers (Discontinued Replaced by 2900 Series)

 2960/48 48-Port, V.92/V.110/V.92/ISDN, Dial-Up, Remote Access Server (RAS)

 2960/16 16-Port, V.92/V.110/V.92/ISDN, Dial-Up, Remote Access Server (RAS)

 2960/24 24-Port, V.92/V.110/V.92/ISDN, Dial-Up, Remote Access Server (RAS)

 2960/30 30-Port, V.92/V.110/V.92/ISDN, Dial-Up, Remote Access Server (RAS)

 2960/60 60-Port, V.92/V.110/V.92/ISDN, Dial-Up, Remote Access Server (RAS)

 2977 DialFire Server-Based, Enterprise T1/E1 RAS & Fax Adapter

 2977/B4 DialFire Server-Based, Enterprise RAS, BRI RAS, & Fax

 2996/96 96-Port, V.92/V.110/V.90/ISDN, Dial-Up, Remote Access Server (RAS) 

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 2996/120 120-Port, V.92/V.110/V.90/ISDN, Dial-Up, Remote Access Server (RAS)

 3X Data Tap Series

 3/11 & 3/45 Telco Data Taps for T1, E1, or DDS

 3/9 Data Tap

 3002 RS-232, Tail Circuit Buffer 

 3004 MTE & ECB Series Miniature, Self-Powered, Tail End Adapters & Elastic Clock Buffers

 3010 Modem Sharing Device 

 3012/V24 2-Port, V.24, Modem-Sharing Device

 3018/V24 Powered, V.24, RS-232, Modem-Sharing Device

 3022 & 3032 Miniature, 2-Port, Statistical Multiplexers

 3028 Powered, 8-Channel, 10-Mhz, Statistical Multiplexer

 3060 & 3080 Digital Sharing Devices

 3042 Full-Duplex, RS-232, Two Channel, Time-Division Multiplexer 

 305  Micro Modem Splitter

 3054, 3056, & 3058 4-, 6-, & 8-Channel, Limited-Distance Multiplexers

 3086 IpRocketLink G.SHDSL & Serial Integrated Access Device

 3088 RocketLink-G G.SHDSL NTU

 3092 iDSL Digital Cross Connect Provides Quad T1/E1 & 24 iDSL Ports

 3095 16-Port mDSL Digital Cross Connect & WAN Uplink Modules

 3096RC 16-Port G.SHDSL TDM Concentrator

 3120 96- or 120-port, V.92/V.110/V.90/ISDN, Dial-Up, Remote Access Server (RAS)

 3201 & 3241 DiamondLink G.SHDSL High-Speed Router

3202 Long Range Ethernet Extender

 3224 G.SHDSL Router & DSLAM

 3324 VDSL Access Concentrator/Switch

 360 Code-Operated Sharing-Switch with Daisy-Chain Expansion

 360-EXP Port and Buffer Expansion Kits

 365 Simple and Convenient Printer Switch

 4 DB-25 Cube Tap

 400 Series-Coax to Twisted-Pair Adapter (Balun)

 410 Twinax to Twisted-Pair Adapter (Balun)

 450RC24 Ultra High Density G.703 Balun Panel

 460 G.703 Balun, 2 Mbps (75-Ohm to 120-Ohm) 

 460MC G.703 Balun, 2 Mbps, With Built-in Cables (75-Ohm to 120-Ohm)

 460RC TeleMatch™ G.703 Balun Panel (75-Ohm to 120-Ohm) 

 462 G.703 Balun, 8 Mbps, (75-Ohm to 100-Ohm)

 463 G.703 Balun, 34 Mbps (75-Ohm to 120-Ohm)

 464RC & 466RC High Density, E1/G.703 Balun Panels (BNC & 1.6/5.6 Connectors)

 465 G.703 Balun, 2 Mbps (1.6/5.6 Connectors)

 465RC TeleMatch™ G.703 Balun Panel (1.6/5.6 Connectors)

 470, 471, & 472 155-Mbps ATM Baluns Swap Coax for Twisted Pair

 5 Pins 2-3 Reverser

 50 DB-25 PockeTester™ Pocket-Sized DB-25 Tester

 50-9 PocketBOB™ DB-25 Breakout Box

 500 & 501 Asynchronous, DB-25, Surge Protectors 

 501LC Asynchronous, DB-25, Low Capacitance, Surge Protector

 502 Synchronous, DB-25, Surge Protector

 503P & 503PC Parallel Port, Surge Protectors 

 503S Serial DB-25, Surge Protector (Protects All 25 Leads)

 504, 505, 506, & 507 Surge Protected Modular Adapters (DB-25 or DB-9 to RJ-11 or RJ-45)

 509 DB-9 Surge Protectors (RS-422/485 & RS-232)

 51 DB-9 PockeTester™ Pocket-Sized DB-9 Tester

 510, 511, & 512 RJ-11, RJ-12, & RJ-45 Surge Protectors

 515 DB-15 Surge Protectors (RS-422/485, RS-232, X.21, T1)

 51X Series Multiport, RS-232/RS-422, Surge Protectors

 52X (TS Series) Surge Protector With Terminal Strip for Designing Your Own Protection

 530 & 531 Coax Ethernet Surge Protectors

 533 Coax ArcNet Surge Protector (BNC)

 534 Ethernet, AUI, Surge Protector (DB-15)

 535, 536, & 537 802.5 Token-Ring Surge Protectors

 542 & 543 Video Surge Protectors (CCTV, SATV, VSAT, & DirecTV)

 545 Twinax Surge Protectors for IBM Midrange Systems (AS/400, 34/36/38)

 546 V.35 (M/34) Surge Protector

 55 Pocket-Sized Bit Error-Rate Tester (BERT)

 552 Series Telco Line Surge Protectors (Dial-Up, Leased-Line, DDS, T1/E1, ISDN)

 56X Series Ethernet 10Base-T Hub Protectors (4, 6, 8, & 12 ports)

 570 / 580 Series 10/100Base-T (Category-5) Surge Protectors

 570R & 580R Series 10/100Base-T (Category-5) Panel Protectors (8 & 16 Ports)

 57X/58X Series 10/100Base-T (Cat-5) Hub Protectors (4, 6, & 8 Ports)

 59X Series RS-232 to RS-232 Optical Isolators 

 593 Series RS-422/RS-485 Optical Isolators

 6A, 6B, & 6C Asynchronous, Null-Modem Adapters

 6375 SIPxNano IP-PBX

 8 Cable Adapter (DB-25 to DB-25, Solder Type)

 80 MagiConnector™, Semi-Automatic, RS-232 Interface Converter

 80C MagiCable™, Semi-Automatic, RS-232 Interface Connector With Cable

 8X MF Cable Adapter (DB-25 Male to DB-25 Female, Solderless)

 9 DB-25, Micro, Breakout Box

E1-EtherRocket G.703/G.704 NTU with Integrated Ethernet Bridging

ForeFront AIS CompactPCI Systems CompactPCI 2U, 4U, 6U Systems

smartlink m-ata Micro VoIP Adapter

SmartNode 4110 Series Telephony over IP Access Device

SmartNode 4520 Series ToIP Integrated Access Device

SmartNode 4960 T1 VoIP Integrated Access Device

T1-EtherRocket  Compact T1 / FT1 CSU/DSU with Integrated Ethernet Transparent Bridging

Newer Patton Electronics Products

 Patton 2113 &  Patton 2115

Copper T1 / E1 Extender

 Patton 2110

Ethernet Booster

 Patton 2157R

Ruggedized 4.6 Mbps Auto-Rate Ethernet Extender

 Patton 2172R

Ruggedized 50-Mbps Ethernet Extender

 Patton 2183

100-Mbps Auto-Rate Ethernet Extender with PoE

EnviroNET™ Ethernet Extenders

Ethernet Extenders

EnviroNET™ EHA2172

Ruggedized 50-Mbps Ethernet Extender

EnviroNET™ T1/E1 Transport Extenders

T1/E1 Transport Extenders

EnviroNET™ Voice-Over-IP Gateways

Voice-Over-IP Industrial Gateways

FibreLink™ 1170M Series


FibreLink™ 1170S Series


Patton 2620

High Speed Dual Port WAN Router with Drop & Insert

Patton 2621 & Patton 2635

Low-cost WAN Access Routers with V.35 or X.21 Interface

 2802 & 2805

Managed VPN Routers

 2803, 2821, & 2835

Managed Serial VPN Routers


Managed DMZ Secure Router


Channelized Gigabit T1/E1 Router


2/4-Port Bonded T1/E1 Multi-Megabit Inverse Multiplexer


G.SHDSL.bis Business VPN Router


G.SHDSL Router-Modem with Serial WAN & Ethernet Interfaces


Serial G.SHDSL Bridge/Router

 1000CU2, 1000CU4 & 1000CU8

2, 4, & 8-Slot ClusterBoxes™


16-Slot Mini-Rack


NetLink™ Management Module

 1001MP10 & 1001MP2

10 and 2-Slot Universal Mounting Panels


Rack card incorporating two 1004A high speed, multipoint modems


Rack card incorporating two 1010B high speed SRMs


Rack card incorporating two 1012B carrier-controlled, transformer-isolated, short-range modems

 11, 12, 13, 15, & 16

D-Shell to Modular Adapters (Kits & Custom Wired)


USB 1.1 Extender Kit

 2084, 2085 & 2086

Interface Powered, RS-232 to RS-485 Interface Converter (with Handshaking)


16-Port Digital Cross Connect


Compact Ethernet-over-E1 Bridge


Compact Ethernet-over-T1 Bridge


120-Port, V.92/V.110/V.90/ISDN, Dial-Up, Remote Access Server (RAS)


Multiport Asynchronous Statistical Multiplexer


Full-Duplex, RS-232, Two Channel, Time-Division Multiplexer



 3088 RocketLink™-G




 310 Series

CCTV Passive Baluns


ADSL2/2+ Triple-play Access IPDSLAM Module


ForeFront™ RAS


16-Port iDSL TDM Concentrator

 320 Series

CCTV Passive Pass-Thru Baluns



 330 Series

CATV Passive Baluns


VDSL Access Concentrator/Switch


Component Video Balun

 430 Series

Single-Port E1/E2 Toolless IDC G.703/G.704 Baluns


PocketBOB™ DB-25 Breakout Box


IP Router/VLAN Aggregator


CompactPCI 2U System


CompactPCI 4U System


Matrix Switch with Gigabit Ethernet


CompactPCI 9U System

NanoServ™ 6070 Series

NanoServ™ Computer Platform Embedded Linux Family

OnSite™ Series OS1052

Dual STM-1 trunks with 8 to 50 T1/E1 and 2 to 18 Ethernet client ports

OnSite™ Series OS1063

Dual STM-1 trunks with 21 to 63 T1/E1 and zero to 16 Ethernet client ports

SmartLink™ 4020 Series

Analog VoIP SoHo Router

SmartLink™ 4050 Series

SIP Telephones

SmartLink™ 4250

High-Availability IP PBX

SmartLink™ M-ATA

Micro-Analog Telephone Adapter

SmartNode™ 1200

ISDN/BRI VoIP Gateway (2 channels)

SmartNode™ 1400

ISDN/BRI VoIP Gateway (4 channels)

SmartNode™ 2290 Series

Leased Line Extender over IP

SmartNode™ 2300

Modular VoIP Gateway Router

SmartNode™ 2400

Modular VoIP Gateway Router

SmartNode™ 4552

SoHo VoIP Router for ISDN/BRI (2 channels)

SmartNode™ 4554


SmartNode™ 4562

Secure ISDN VoIP and VPN

SmartNode™ 4630 Series

Multiport BRI So Gateway Router (up to 8 channels)

SmartNode™ 4650 ADSL

Multiport ISDN VoIP IAD with ADSL2+ Interface

SmartNode™ 4650 G.SHDSL

Multiport ISDN VoIP IAD with G.SHDSL.bis Interface

SmartNode™ 4830 DSL Series

Analog VoIP DSL IAD with up to 8 FXS/FXO ports and integrated WAN connectivity

SmartNode™ 4830 Series

Analog VoIP IAD with up to 8 FXS/FXO ports and integrated WAN connectivity

SmartNode™ 4900 Series

IpChannelBank™ Multi-Port FXS/FXO Analog VoIP Gateway Router with up to 32 ports

SmartNode™ 4960 G.SHDSL

Multiport PRI VoIP IAD with G.SHDSL.bis Interface

SmartNode™ 4961

High-Precision Multi-Port T1/E1 VoIP IAD

SmartNode™ Interface Card IC-4BRV

Interface Card with 4 ISDN BRI Interfaces

SmartNode™ Interface Card IC-4FXS

Interface Card with 4 analog FXS ports

SmartNode™ Interface Card IC-E1V

Interface Card for ISDN PRI Interface

SmartNode™ Interface Card IC-T1V

Interface Card for ISDN PRI Interface

SmartNode™ S-DTA


Patton T7714 Visuality Mobile IP Based Surveillance