Patton Electronics 465
G.703 Balun, 2 Mbps (1.6/5.6 Connectors)

Patton Model 465
G.703 Balun, 2 Mbps (1.6/5.6 Connectors)
These new G.703 baluns are used with 1.6/5.6 coaxial connectors and provide connection for TX and RX connections on a single twisted-pair wire.
Model 465 photo
  Features & Benefits
  • Use 120-ohm twisted-pair wiring with unbalanced coaxial equipment.
  • Uses 1.6/5.6 coaxial connectors.
  • No more buying expensive and space-hungry hardware for patching and distributing G.703 connections.
  • Low-cost model supports rates of 2 Mbps (faster versions are available for rates up to 155 Mbps).
  • Low insertion loss, fully meets ITU-T (CTR12) G.703 standards.
  • Standard twisted-pair terminations.
  • Enclosed in flame retardant housings.
  • Baluns are 100% tested for reliability and durability.
  • Baluns come in a variety of connectors and packaging.
  • Customized versions available upon request.

Baluns are miniature adapters for connecting mixed cable types or devices with mis-matched interfaces. They enable carrier and large-enterprise customers to standardize on twisted-pair wiring, even though some equipment may have unique E1 terminations (see diagrams below).

Model 456 application diagram

The Model 465 has the 1.6/5.6 coax connectors used extensively in telephone exchange sites. The balun has two interfaces, so both the TX and RX coax signals can be carried over a single length of twisted-pair cabling (which is much less costly than any kind of coaxial cable).

Ordering Information
465MC G.703 Balun with 120-ohm UTP (RJ-45F) to 75W dual-BNC cables
465F G.703 balun; 120-ohm UTP (RJ-45F) to 75W dual-coax female 1.6/5.6 plugs

Transmission line: ITU-T CTR12 G.703
Data rate: 2.048 Mbps (models available for rates up to 155 Mbps, call for details)
Link-to-data isolation: 500 volts AC/DC
Temperature range: 32? to 122?F (0? to 50?C)
Dimensions: 0.8H x 1.7W x 2.7D in. (2.0H x 4.3W x 6.9D cm)



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