Patton Electronics 2073
G.703/64-kbps Interface Converter

Patton Model 2073
G.703/64-kbps Interface Converter
This Standalone PCM Converter Supports Patton's QuikConnect™ Modules
Model 2703
  Features & Benefits
  • Switchable internal, external, or network clocking options
  • Supports synchronous data rates of 9.6 to 64 kbps
  • Suport asynchronous data rates of 9.6 to 19.2 kbps
  • Clear channel or octet timing
  • Distance up to 1.6 km (1.0 mi)
  • Accepts Patton QuickConnect modules
  • Internal power supplies, 100-240 VAC, or -48VDC

The Patton Model 2073 KiloLink-I™ G.703/64 kbps co-directional access converter lets bridges, routers, switches, multiplexers and other WAN hardware connect to a Kilo-Stream™ or similar G.703 circuit. Supporting either synchronous (600 bps to 64 kbps) or asynchronous (9600 bps to 19200bps) DTE connections, the Model 2073 accepts Patton’s QuikConnect™ interface modules: V.24/RS-232, RS-422/530, V.35, X.21, G.703/64kbps, high speed async, Ethernet bridge or data+voice. Built-in diagnostics include full V.54 loopback tests (externally controlled) and V.52 compliant 511/511E BER tests. Operating in either clear channel or octet timing modes, the Model 2073 offers three clocking options and seven front panel LED status indicators. Built-in transformer isolation and surge protection guard the Model 2073 and connected hardware against data line transients and ground loops. Power is provided to the Model 2073 through an internal AC or DC power supply.



Application: 64K G.703 co-directional PCM network or CSU/DSU conversion
G.703 Interfaces: 64 kbps symmetrically balanced 4-wire pair, 120 ohm terminated to a female RJ-45
DTE Interface: V.24/RS-232, V.35, X.21, G.703, Data+Voice, Ethernet Bridge
Data Rates: V.110 rate adaptation for asynchronous data rates from 50 bps to 57.6 kbps, and for synchronous data rates from 500 bps to 64 kbps
Operating Modes: 256k rate co-directional timing, Rx recovered; 64 kbps+500ppm (clear channel); or with BPV for Octet timing mode to communicate over a 128 kbps link (preservation of byte integrity)
Diagnostics: local analog loopback, remote digital loopback, V.52 compliant bit error rate pattern (511/511E pattern) generator and detector with error injection mode
Line Coding: AMI
Clocking: Internal, external or network clock
G.703 Input Signal Level: 0 to -10 dB, 2V differential, nominal
Jitter Performance: CTR14, G.823
LED Status Indicators: Power, TD, RD, RTS, CD, TM (test mode), ER (error) IM status alarm, IM active and IM ok
Isolation: Minimum 3000V RMS via custom transformers
Surge Protection: 600W power dissipation
Range: 1.0 mile (1.6 km)
Power: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (universal input option); 48 VDC (option). 5 watts.
Dimensions: 7.3” x 6.6” x 1.62” (18.5 x 16.8 x 4.1 cm)
Weight: 2.02 lbs (.92 kg).


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