Patton Electronics 365
Simple and Convenient Printer Switch

Patton Model 365
Simple and Convenient Printer Switch
This is Patton’s Simplest Solution for Workgroup Printer Sharing
Model 365
  Features & Benefits
  • 4:1 - Share Four RS-232 Devices with One Parallel Printer
  • 3:2 - Share Three RS-232 Devices with One Parallel Printer and One Serial Printer or Plotter
  • Port #1 (DB-25F) Connects to a Parallel Printer
  • Port #2 (RJ-12) Supports RS-232 Data Rates to 38.4 kbps (cable provided)
  • Ports #3-5 (RJ-12) Support RS-232 Speeds to 19.2 kbps (cables provided)
  • Remote Port Switching
  • 256k RAM Buffer (Expandable to 1 Meg)

The Model 365 Simple Printer Switch is the simplest solution we know of for connecting four PCs to a parallel printer, or three PCs to a parallel and a serial printer. The standard RAM buffer is 256K, and can be user-upgraded to 1 Meg. When using two printers, the PC operators may enter a code to remotely switch printers. Four modular RJ-12 serial connectors on the back keep the Model 365 compact (adapter cables included). The DB-25F parallel connector uses a standard PC parallel cable. Ports 3 thru 5 support 19.200 bps communication. Port 2 (intended for a serial printer or a PC) supports speeds up to 38.4 kbps. The Model 365 is a clever little switch indeed!


Serial Data Rates: Port 2 - 600, 1200, 2400, 9600, 19200 & 38400 bps; Ports 3, 4, 5 - 9600 bps
Transmission Format: Port 1 - IBM/Centronics®; Ports 2 thru 5 - Asynchronous, RS-232
Com Format: Port 1 - 8 bit; Ports 2 thru 5 - 8 bit, no parity
Buffer: 256K standard (upgradeable to 1 Meg)
Handshake: DTR or X-ON/X-OFF
Indicators: Power, Ready, Individual Port Activity
Connectors: Port 1 - DB-25 female; Ports 2 thru 5 - RJ-12 (6 wire) jack (two 10 ft and two 25 ft cables provided, plus four RJ-12 to DB-25 adapters)
Power: 120V AC, 60 Hz
Dimensions: 10”H x 7”D x 2”H
Temperature Range: 32° to 104°F (0°- 40°C)
Humidity: Up to 90% non-condensing


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