Patton Electronics Models 530 & 531
Coax Ethernet Surge Protectors

Patton 530 & 531
Coax Ethernet Surge Protectors
Guard Your Coax Ethernet LAN Against Destructive Transients
  Features & Benefits
  • Novell Approved for NetWare Versions 2.2 and 3.11 (Model 531)
  • Meets the IEEE 802.3 Specification
  • Combined Surge Handling of 3k Watts
  • Direct Connection to Network Interface Cards and Other LAN Hardware
  • "T" Model Replaces Existing T-Splitter
  • Diverts Surges Safely to Chassis Ground via Braided Metal Strap

LANs are naturally susceptible to several sources of lethal transient voltages, according to the IEEE 802.3 specification. That's why we designed the Model 531 series LAN surge protectors. Our Model 531 thin Ethernet surge protector guards thin coax network cards, repeaters and other devices against data loss and hardware damage due to data line surges. The Model 531 installs between coax cable and the device's BNC port. Harmful surge energy is diverted to chassis ground?away from sensitive components?through a braided metal strap. The Model 531 comes in two versions: in-line BNC, and a replacement ?T-splitter?. For protection of backbone hardware, we offer the Model 530, with N-type connectors.

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