Patton Electronics 1088 DSL Modem
2.304-Mbps mDSL Modem with Extended Ranges

Patton Model 1088
2.304-Mbps mDSL Modem with Extended Ranges
Introducing low-cost fixed interface versions of Patton's popular NetLink Model 1095 mDSL modems
Model 1088 photo
  Features & Benefits
  • Multi-Rate Symmetric DSL
  • CAP (Carrierless Amplitude and Phase) Modulation
  • Data Rates up to 2.304 Mbps
  • Ethernet, G.703/G.704 X.21, V.35 and EIA-530 Interfaces Available
  • Compatible with Popular Model 1095
  • Multi-Rate Symmetric DSL
  • SNMP/HTTP Manageable via 1001MC SNMP Agent Rack Card
  • NetLink Plug-and-Play for Easy Installations
  • Ethernet Version Supports PPP Bridging
  • Universal Power Options, 120 VAC, 230 VAC, and -48 VDC Available
  • Small, Convenient Desktop Unit
  • CE Marked.

Patton's new NetLink Model 1088 provides high-speed two-wire connectivity for Internet, frame relay, Campus and ATM networks. Providing symmetric DSL connectivity at rates up to 2 Mbps over just two wires, the Model 1088 connects routers, switches, or other access devices at distances up to 6.2 miles (10 km) (see distance table below).

Model 1088

Available in four fixed-interface versions (10Base-T Ethernet, G.703/G.704, X.21, and V.35), the Model 1088 operates at n x 64 kbps rates up to 2.304 Mbps. Our Ethernet version, the Model 1088/I, offers 10Base-T bridging with PPP support. This enables customers to extend a router's serial interface and connect to a remote 10Base-T Ethernet LAN (see diagram below). All four versions of the Model 1088 are fully compatible, allowing extended distance conversions between G.703/G.704, X.21, V.35, Ethernet, etc.


1088 Application Diagram 1

The Model 1088 is also compatible with Patton's popular Model 1095 standalone or 1095RC rack card. Now service providers can cut costs and setup time by installing a rack-mounted Model 1095RC at the central site while bundling a Model 1088 with DSL service at the customer premises (see diagram below).

1088 Application Diagram 2

Convenient plug-and-play capability enables NSPs to quickly install or upgrade remote units. And both the 1095RC and 1088 can be managed via SNMP/HTTP using Patton's 1001MC SNMP agent card!

Ordering Information
Rocket mDSL modem; V.35 (M34F) interface; 90?260 VAC power supply
1088/D/xx* Rocket mDSL modem; X.21 (DB154F) interface; 90?260 VAC power supply
1088/I/xx* Rocket mDSL modem; Ethernet (RJ-45) interface; 90?260 VAC power supply
1088/K/xx* Rocket mDSL modem; G.703/E1 or n x 64kbps G.704/FE1 (Dual BNC or RJ-45) interface; 90?260 VAC power supply

*Power supply options (xx): UI = Universal interface 90?260 VAC; 120 = 120 VAC; 230 = 230 VAC; 48 = -48 VDC


Transmission: Synchronous, full duplex, over one uncond. twisted pair (2 wires)
DTE Interface: G.703/G.704, 10Base-T, V.35, or X.21/V.11
Clocking: Internal, External or Receive Recover
DTE Rates: From 64 kbps to 2.3 Mbps in user defineable increments
Line Rates: 128, 256, 384, 512, 768, 1024, 1536, 2048, 2304 kbps
Management: SNMP configuration and management as the remote modem when connected to Model 1095RC. Management for local and remote modems through the internet via Model 1001MC Proxy Agent Rack Card
Diagnostics: V.54 loops (LLB, RDL); V.52 compliant BER pattern generator and detector (511/511E)
Power: External desk top transformer, 100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz (Universal Input), 10W or -48 VDC
Temperature: 32? to 122?F (0? to 50?C)
Compliance: FCC Part 15, CE Mark

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