Patton Electronics 2073RC
64 kbps/G.703 Access Converter

Patton Model 2073RC
64 kbps/G.703 Access Converter
Rack-mounted interface converter enables a synchronous V.35, X.21, or Ethernet device to communicate bi-directionally over a G.703 co-directional PCM network.
Model 2073RC Rack Card
  Features & Benefits
  • Bi-directionally converts X.21, V.35, or 10Base-T to co-directional G.703
  • LED indicators monitor Data, Network, and Diagnostic signals
  • Internal, external (V.35 only), or network clocking options
  • Test Mode controlled by switch, or by local DTE (V.35 version only)
  • Complies with CCITT/ITU G.823 Jitter Control Specifications
  • Built-in surge protection and transformer isolation
  • Point-to-point distance up to 5,250 ft (1,600 m) on 24 AWG twisted pair
  • 120-ohm (twisted pair) network termination

The Patton Model 2073RC interface converter allow a synchronous V.35, X.21, or Ethernet device to communicate bi-directionally over a G.703 co-directional PCM network. Supporting internal, external DTE timing or G.703 network generated timing, the Model 2073RC is perfect for networking applications that require speeds of 64 kbps. The modular rear cards style of interchangeable interface modules for the 2073RC allow various physical and electrical interfaces to connect to the 64K synchronous G.703 network.

A 120-ohm twisted pair telephone port provides the interface for the G.703 network. Additionally, 75-ohm terminations can be made using the Patton Model 460 (G.703 balun).

Diagnostics include Local Loopback, V.54 RDL testing, and 511/51E built-in BER patterns. Synchronous clock jitter is attenuated in accordance with the G.823.

Ordering Information

2073RC/A/I: 64k/G.703 Rack Card with V.35



Transmission Format: Synchronous 64k/G.703 co-directional
Transmission Line: Four-Wire unconditioned twisted pair
Clocking: Internal, External (V.35 only), or Network
Interface Modules: ITU/T V.35, ITU/T X.21, 10Base-T
Line Rates: 256 kbps
DTE Rates: 64 kbps
Diagnostics: V.54 test modes for LAL and RDL; V:52 511/511E BERT pattern generator and detector.
LED Status Indicators: TD, RD, CTS, CD, DTR, Link, Error Test Mode
Connectors: RJ-45 on line side; DB-25 female, M/34 female,RJ-45 female or DB-15 female depending upon which serial interface module is installed.
Temperature Range: 32?122?F (0?50?C)
Altitude: 0?15,000 feet (0?4,572 m)
Humidity: up to 90% non-condensing
Dimensions: 3.5L x 2.1W x 0.78H in. (9.0L x 5.3W x 2.0H mm)
Weight: 1 lb. (0.45 kg)


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