Patton Electronics 3092
iDSL Digital Cross Connect
 Provides Quad T1/E1 & 24 iDSL Ports

Patton Model 3092
iDSL Digital Cross Connect Provides Quad T1/E1 & 24 iDSL Ports
The Patton 3092 iDSL Digital Cross Connect provides 24 iDSL ports, each supporting 64/128/144 kbps dedicated connections.
Models 3092 DACS
  Features & Benefits
  • Grooms 24 iDSL connections to any WAN timeslot or other iDSL timeslot
  • Four T1/E1 WAN uplink ports connect to TDM backbone network connections
  • Multiple, configurable alarms reporting via remote SNMP traps, front panel LEDs, 3-contact relay, and NMS pages
  • SNMP/HTTP network management capabilities enable you to configure the Model 3092 and the remote iDSL modems from any location in the world.
  • Compact 1U chassis' convection cooled design allows stacking with no fans or other moving parts to fail
  • Dual-redundant power supplies provide for high reliability with dual load-sharing power supplies.

Model 3092 iDSL Digital Cross Connect is the efficient, rack-mountable solution for ILECs/PTTs who are expanding their access services via iDSL dedicated links. The Model 3092 combines iDSL ports for concentration to multiple TDM WAN ports with total flexibility in mapping the iDSL channels and WAN time slots. The Model 3092 is extremely reliable due to its convection cooling (with no fans or other moving parts to fail) and dual-redundant power supplies.

The Model 3092 iDSL Digital Cross Connects links up 24 iDSL circuits to multiple T1/E1 WAN ports with completely flexible any-to-any nx64 grooming. Each 64/128/144-kbps iDSL port offers user selectable nx64 data rates. User data is then groomed to any channel within the system…including another DSL port! Completely transparent to data, the provider can offer multiple services (ATM/IP/FR) to each user. The entire system is easily managed through its integrated SNMP/HTTP-based NMS. Using Standards based iDSL, the Model 3092 is compatible with third party iDSL modems.

With its hassle-free operation, convenient end-to-end setup, high-density and unsurpassed reliability, the Model 3092 iDSL DACS is ready to get your customers up to speed.

Ordering Information

3092/24x/RUI: 24 Port iDSL DACS with 4 T1/E1 WAN ports and Redundant AC supplies, Cobalt Blue color
3092/24x/R48: 24 Port iDSL DACS with 4 T1/E1 WAN ports and Redundant DC supplies, Cobalt Blue color
3092/24x/U48: 24 Port iDSL DACS with 4 T1/E1 WAN ports and one AC and one DC supply, Cobalt Blue color

x = Case color (U = Cobalt Blue, R = Ultra Red, W= Cool White, B = Black Ice)



iDSL ports: 24 ports (RJ-21X 50-pin connector), each port 64/128/144 kbps
WAN ports: 4 WAN ports: E1 (HDB3/AMI line coding), T1 (AMI/B8ZS line coding); connects to ATM/FR/DDN/IP backbone networks
Ethernet Port: 1 10/100Base-T (RJ-45 connector)
iDSL Modems: Patton 1092A, Motorola UTA-220, and RAD ASM-31
WAN Clocking: Internal, Network (from E1/T1 WAN port), External BITS (Building Integrated Timing Supply) Clock Source via 3-pin terminal block
iDSL Clocking: Provides clocking to the remote iDSL NTUs/Modems
Front Panel Indicators: LEDs for power, CPU, system, Ethernet, External clock, test mode, DSL, and WAN ports frame and error status
Power Supplies: Dual-redundant universal AC/DC (fixed); AC power: 90–264VAC (50/60 Hz); DC power: -36 to -72VDC
Management Services: HTTP, SNMP, TELNET Ethernet, RS-232 Console Port, SYSLOG Client, Remote Software Upgrade via FTP
Alarm Reporting: Configurable alarms; Remote SNMP Traps; Front Panel LEDs; 3-Contact Relay (3-pin terminal block)
Compliance: Safety: UL/CSA per UL1950 (METS) Canadian cMET and CS-03. EMC Directive 89/336/EEC, Low-Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC (EN 60950), FCC Part 15, CE Mark, CTR12, CTR13, FCC Part 68.
Environment: Operating temperature: 0–40°C (32–104°F); Humidity: 5–90% non-condensing
Dimensions: 48.25 W x 32.00 D x 4.44 H cm (19.00 W x 12.60 D x 1.75 H inches)

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