Patton Electronics 2800 Remote Access Server

This Model has been upgraded to the 2960 and 2996 Series

Refurbished Patton 2800 RAS Available

An Integrated Remote Access Server with 30, 24 or 12 dial-in access ports for V.90, K56Flex™, V.34+ or ISDN B Channel Calls

Consolidate Telecommuter, Voice & Internet Traffic onto One T1, E1 or PRI

  • Two T1, E1 or PRI Ports 
  • Handles up to 30 V.90/K56Flex™/V.34+ or ISDN B Channel Calls 
  • Routes Calls to Ethernet LAN or 
  • Frame Relay Uplink port Frame Relay/PPP Uplink to Internet 
  • IP Filtering 
  • Drop & Insert Support (Voice Calls from PBX)
  • Web Browser SNMP & HTTP Management  
  • Built-in DSP Modems Upgrades Via by FTP 
  • Small Size: only 1U High, 8" (20 cm) Deep 
  • Low power, less than 40 Watts, runs cool

The Patton 2800 Remote Access Server lets you consolidate inbound telecommuter calls, PBX voice traffic (drop & insert) and Internet access onto one T1, E1 or PRI. The Patton 2800's DSP modems can handle up to thirty V.90, K56Flex™, V.34+ or ISDN calls, making the Patton 2800 superb for small office and satellite ISP operations. Upgrades are done using software, and the entire box can be SNMP/HTTP managed from a Web browser!

2800 Software Specifications

Analog and Digital Modem Services Supports up to 30 concurrent dial-up connections, either analog (V.90/K56Flex™/V.34+) or digital (ISDN) Modem modulations: V.90, K56Flex™, V.34 Annex 12, V.34, V.8, V.32bis, V.32, V.22, V.22bis, V.23, V.21, Bell 212A, Bell 103, Bell 202, EIA PN-2330 Software sync/async receiver/transmitter for V.14 V.42/V.42bis error correction and compression

Protocol Services

  • TCP/IP Suite with extensive protocol statistics
  • Ethernet ARP, Proxy-ARP and RARP protocols
  • Async. and Sync. Point-to-Point protocol (PPP)
  • SLIP protocol
  • Van Jacobson TCP header compression
  • PPP address and protocol compression
  • RADIUS Authentication and Accounting, with support for primary and secondary servers
  • Internal Call History/Progress and Statistics
  • RIPv2 dynamic route distribution
  • User configurable static routes
  • Clear TCP connection throughout dial-in
  • IP in Frame Relay - RFC 1490
  • IP Filtering for block/pass on src/dest address; src/dest port; protocol; TCP Established

Management Services

  • Out-of-Band RS-232 configuration port for management and control
  • Remote software upgrade via TFTP or FTP to internal FLASH memory
  • SNMP version 1 configuration management
  • Support of MIB-II (RFC-1213), DS1 MIB (RFC-1406), RIPv2 MIB (RFC-1389), Ethernet MIB (RFC-1643) and Patton's enterprise MIB
  • System logging to configuration port, non-volatile FLASH, volatile RAM, SYSLOG Daemon and SNMP trap
  • RADIUS accounting (RFC 2139)
  • Dial-in dynamic IP address pool management
  • User configurable login prompts and banners
  • Status reporting of all Patton 2800 parameters
  • Built-in HTTP server for complete configuration and control using a standard Web browse


2800 Hardware Specifications



LAN Connection


Front Panel:

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