Patton Electronics 542 & 543
Video Surge Protectors

Patton Models 542 & 543
Video Surge Protectors (CCTV, SATV, VSAT, & DirecTV)
  Features & Benefits
  • Model 542 has BNC Connectors for Direct Hook-Up to Coax CCTV Surveillance Equipment
  • Model 543 has ?F Series? Connectors for Direct Hook-Up to SATV, VSAT, CATV and Direct TV Equipment
  • Combined Surge Handling Capacity of 3,000 Watts
  • Surge Energy Diverted to Ground through Braided Metal Strap
  • Able to Handle Repeated ?Hits? Without Degrading in Performance

Satellite dishes and remote video surveillance ?nets? are great for collecting and transmitting the right kinds of signals. Unfortunately, they are also good at collecting and transmitting the wrong kind of signals: transient spikes! Left unprotected, your video equipment can sustain serious damage from a nearby lightning strike, AC power induction, or a sudden change in ground potential.

The Patton EPG Model 542 and 543 video surge protectors connect in-line between the coax video cable and the connection port on your camera(s), console or other piece of video equipment. Transient surges are then intercepted and diverted to ground through a braided metal strap. Our video protectors can handle repeated surges up to 1,500 Watts per wire. Their ?fail safe? design protects your video equipment even in the event of a severe surge. The Model 542 comes with one male and one female BNC connector. The Model 543 is equipped with two female ?F Series? connectors.


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