Patton Electronics 1068 DSL Modem
Variable Rate VDSL Modems

Patton Model 1068
Variable Rate VDSL Modems
Go faster with more control with Patton’s Model 1068. Provide high speed end-to-end connectivity for voice and user-selectable asymmetric or symmetric data over a single, voice-grade, twisted-pair line
Model 1068 standalone & rack card
  Features & Benefits
  • Ethernet Extension--Extends Ethernet distances over 1 mile (1.6 km) over 2-wire 24 AWG unconditioned lines
  • Switch Selectable--Asymmetrical or symmetrical line rates up to 16.67 Mbps!
  • Auto-sensing Full-Duplex Ethernet--Auto-selected 10Base-T or 100Base-TX; supports full or half-duplex Ethernet
  • Transparent LAN bridging--Passes higher layer protocols and supports 802.1Q VLAN tagging
  • Plug-and-Play--Makes installation a snap
  • Automatic Learning, Aging, and Filtering--Only allows packets with addresses outside the LAN to be forwarded
  • Full-Service Integration--Supports voice, data, and high quality, real-time, bi-directional streaming video

Patton’s Model 1068 VDSL Modems provide up to 16 Mbps of high speed Ethernet and voice services between LANs or other network-enabled devices over a single twisted-pair. The Model 1068 is the only variable-rate asymmetrical/symmetrical standalone modem solution available today. The ability to select various asymmetrical and symmetrical line rates enables the Model 1068 to satisfy a broad range of applications. The Model 1068DV’s line sharing capabilities allow users to download files from the Internet, surf the WWW, and answer e-mail messages while talking on the phone or faxing documents.

The Patton Model 1068 is easy to configure and install. When configuration of the Model 1068 is necessary, an easily accessible DIP switch is located on the bottom side of the unit. Once configured, simply plug the Ethernet device into the Ethernet port, the voice device into the POTS/ISDN port, and connect power.

The Model 1068 is an effective solution for providing both data and voice services over an existing copper infrastructure and eliminating the expense of fiber cables. If you want to take your network and voice connections farther and faster Patton’s VDSL modems are for you!

Just plug, power, and play!



MTU/MDU Application
Using the existing twisted-pair voice- grade copper infrastructure to deliver network-speed connections up to 16 Mbps is now possible using Patton’s Model 1068 Variable Rate VDSL Modems. Using the existing copper infrastructure eliminates the burden of installing and absorbing CAT-5 and fiber costs.

In this example, a Gigabit Ethernet fiber uplink is delivered into an Ethernet switch located at the POP (Point of Presence). Ethernet switches transfer the data from the Gigabit fiber uplink to the Patton 1001 rack systems equipped with the 1068/CO (Central Office) Variable Rate Rack Card Modems. Using VDSL, the rack cards transmit the data across the copper infrastructure to remote Model 1068/CP (Customer Premise) units at various locations in a building. The 1068/CP modems convert the VDSL signals back to Ethernet so they can be delivered to remote users.

Network and POTS/ISDN services can also be delivered over the same twisted-pair copper wiring by using the Model 1068DV and 1068DVRC Variable Rate VDSL Voice & Data Ethernet Modems.


MTU/MDU application diagram

MTU/MDU application diagram


Ordering Information

Standalone VDSL Modem
1068D/CO/120: RJ-45F & TB; 120 VAC
1068D/CP/120: RJ-45F & TB; 120 VAC
1068D/CO/UI: RJ-45F & TB; 100 - 240VAC
1068D/CP/UI: RJ-45F & TB; 100 - 240VAC
1068DV/CO/120: RJ-45F & TB; 120 VAC
1068DV/CP/120: RJ-45F & TB; 120 VAC
1068DV/CO/UI: RJ-45F & TB ; 100 - 240 VAC
1068DV/CP/UI: RJ-45F & TB ; 100 - 240 VAC

Standalone VDSL Modem Set (Customer Premise & Central Office Units)
1068D-2PK/120: 120 VAC power supply
1068D-2PK/UI: 100 - 240 VAC power supply
1068DV-2PK/120 120 VAC power supply
1068DV-2PK/UI 100 - 240 VAC power supply

Rack card
1068DRC/CO RJ-45F & Terminal Block (TB)
1068DRC/CP RJ-45F & TB
1068DVRC/CP RJ-45F & Terminal Block (TB)
1068DVRC/CO RJ-45F & TB



VDSL line interface: RJ-45 (pin 4 = ring; pin 5 = tip) and two-position removable terminal block (supports 19-26 AWG or 0.9-0.4 mm wire)
Ethernet interface: 8-position shielded RJ-45. Auto-sensing 10/100Base-T with half or full-duplex operation DIP switch capable of disabling 100 Mbps full-duplex for equipment that does not support 802.3X (Pause Packets)
POTS/ISDN interface: RJ-45 (pin 4 = ring; pin 5 = tip)
Protocol: Transparent to high layer protocol. Supports 802.1Q VLAN tagging
Modulation: QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation)
Duplexing Method: FDD (Frequency Division Duplexing)
Frequency Range: VDSL: 1 - 8 Mhz; POTS/ISDN: 0 - 120 kHz
Transmission: VDSL line rate: Up to 16.67 Mbps; Data rate: Up to 15 Mbps full-duplex
Surge suppression: VDSL line maximum current surge: 20kA (8/20µs) gas tube
Front Panel Indicators: Power, VDSL Link and QOL (quality of link), Ethernet Link and Activity Status
Power Supply: External AC and DC options: 120VAC, and universal input (UI)—100–240 VAC, or optional DC-48 VDC, -24 VDC, and -12 VDC
Compliance: FCC Part 15A and Part 68A & B (1068DV version only), CE Mark, EMC Directive 89/336/EEC, Low-Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC
Environment: Temperature: 32–122°F ( 0–50°C); Humidity: Up to 90% non-condensing
Dimensions: Standalone - 1.5H x 4.13W x 3.75D in. (3.81H x 10.5W x 9.53D cm); Rack Card - 3.0H x 0.83W x 7.84D in (7.6H x 2.1W x 19.9D cm)
Weight: Standalone 0.4 lbs (0.18 kg) without power suppply; Rack card: 0.3 lbs (0.14 kg) with rear card

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