Model 2450
MiniLinkô 56/64-kbps CSU/DSU
Our Smallest and Most Affordable Standalone DDS CSU/DSU
PAT/2450/C/120 IN STOCK
  Features & Benefits
  • Miniature size fits easily in tight spaces

  • Operates over 56 Kbps DDS, 64 Kbps Clear Channel, or private twisted pair circuits

  • Your choice of V.35 (M/34 or DB-25), RS-232 (DB-25) or RS-422/530 (DB-25) DTE Interfaces

  • Selectable clocking: Internal (Master), External DTE or Receive Recover (Network)

  • V.54 & V.52 Compliant Test Modes

  • Distances to 3.4 Miles (5.5 km) over Two 26 AWG (.4mm) Twisted Pair

  • Six front panel LED indicators

  • Switchable Circuit Assurance

  • External AC power supply


The Patton Model 2450 MiniLinkô gives you what you'd never expect in a package this small and affordable -- a high quality DDS CSU/DSU! The Model 2450 supports 56 kbps DDS, 64 kbps Clear Channel, or private twisted pair communication. Operating synchronously over two twisted pair, the Model 2450 is available with your choice of V.35, RS-232 or RS-422 DTE interfaces. Clocking can be set for internal (master), external (DTE) or receive recover (network). Local and remote V.54 test modes are built-in, as well as a V.52 BERT pattern generator. Front panel LED indicators monitor TD, RD, CD, No Signal, Error and Test mode. When used in a campus environment, the Model 2450 supports point-to-point distances up to 3.4 miles (5.5 km) over two 26 AWG (.4mm) twisted pair.


DDS Type: Dedicated, 56 & 64 kbps
Transmission Format: Synchronous, full duplex
Maximum Operating Distance: 3.4 miles (5.5 km)over 26 AWG (.4mm) twisted pair
DTE Interface: RS-232 (DB-25 female), RS-432/530 (DB-25 female), V.35 (M/34 female or DB-25 female)
DDS Line Interface: RJ-48S jack
Standards: AT&T 62310 compliant
DDS Line Rates: 56 and 64 Kbps
DTE Rates: 56 and 64 Kbps
Transmission Line: 4-wire
Applications: DDS, point-to-point or multipoint; Clear Channel, point-to-point; campus-area point-to-point
Indicators: LED indicators for TD, RD, CD, No Signal, Error and Test Mode
Diagnostics: V.54 compliant local and remote loop-back tests; V.52 compliant 511/511E BER test
Power Supply: 120 VAC, 60Hz or 230 VAC, 50Hz to 10 VAC, 1A transformer (wall mount or IEC-320)
Dimentions: (DB-25 version) 1.65"H x 4.18"W x 3.55"D (4.19 x 10.62 x 9.02 cm); (M/34 version) 1.65"H x 4.18"W x 3.96"D (4.19 x 10.62 x 10.06 cm)