Patton  Electronics 535, 536, & 537
802.5 Token-Ring Surge Protectors

Model 535, 536, & 537
802.5 Token-Ring Surge Protectors
Whatever Your Token Ring Topology, We Have the Right Data Line Protector for You!
  Features & Benefits
  • IEEE 802.5 Compliant Secondary Surge Protectors
  • Protection for 4 Mbps or 16 Mbps Token Ring Networks
  • Versions for DB-9 (Type 1), UTP (Type 3), STP or IBM Data Connector Interfaces
  • Surge Handling Capacity of 1.5k Watts
  • Transparent Protection?Won?t Hinder LAN Performance

The Patton EPG Token Ring surge protectors guard 802.5 networks against data loss and hardware damage caused by data line transients. Working in conjunction with AC surge protectors, these devices intercept harmful data line transients and divert them safely to chassis ground before they can damage delicate NIC components. Sophisticated solid state circuits allow our Token Ring protectors to take hit after hit without degrading, and to protect transparently without hindering network performance. Type 1, Type 3 or IBM Data Connector versions are available.

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